Thursday, January 27, 2011

KSotW: Petit Palmiers with Preserves and Cream

Okay, I can't take.... any credit for this amazing snack, actually. It's all Ms. P, who, among other things, coordinates part of our post-lunch routine. Sometimes, she treats our hard working "clean up crew" (the non-nappers who clean up the yard after lunch) to a special treat of her choosing. Sometimes, ice cream. Sometimes, marshmallows. Always something sweet.

Recently, we had a French theme-- petit palmiers with strawberry preserves, blackberries and cream, and lemonade. Mrs. P was kind enough to let me take some of the delicious, buttery, flaky cookies home, where I added my own apricot preserves and whipped cream. I had no blackberries but the version I re-created at home was still very epic. Petit yet delightfully satisfying.
Petit Palmiers with Preserves and Cream

Self-explanatory ingredients and assembly: take a cookie, spread on some fruit preserves of your liking, and add some puffs of whipped cream. Add some berries, too, if you have them... any kind of berry. Eat carefully.. the flaky layers may fall apart!

I am going to find a recipe for these and try to bake them soon. :)


  1. Ah! petit palmiers! I have never had them with preserves and whipped cream, looks very yummy Jen!

    The petit palmiers that I have had recently are puff pastry sprinkled with powdered sugar, icing sugar.

    My Grandmother use to make them from scratch though, brings back memories of Christmas.

  2. Ooh, sprinkled with sugar must be very good. I will probably make mine that way. :)

  3. Jen,

    Here's a recipe from "epicurious" this recipe only takes sugar and puffpastry

    Below is Cinnamon Palmiers from scratch

  4. Thanks so much, I will try to make one of these soon and report how it turns out :)

  5. Hi Jen,

    Because petit palmiers require folding it's simpler to visualize it by watching it. I found this "HOW TO video" it's VERY simple, I think I am going to try making these.

  6. Hi Jen!

    Between you and Ms. P's great ideas, I trust the children like school--very much. It'll be as Mmm, mmm good should you guys add one of Meesh's link ideas too. It seems the children are also potentially learning about different cultures, whatwith your variety of food/snack ideas to date. That's a plus. Have a great week! Carpe Diem!