Saturday, February 19, 2011

♥ Baking ♥

California weather is weird. Sometimes it's really sunny and warm, in the Winter time, and sometimes it's really cold and windy. In the Winter time. It's been pretty cold, windy and rainy for the past few weeks... which has inspired me to stay in and bake.. when I'm not working, of course.

Super cute banana Reese's-chunk cupcakes. The batter didn't turn out as fluffy and cupcake-like as I expected, but they were still fun to decorate. :)

I guess you can kind of see the ridges... it was the first time using my frosting bottles which make frosting application so easy and fun. There are different shaped tips too so I will have to use those sometime.

Made these cookies the other night to share with friends and just snack on whenever.. 
the batch must have made at least 4-5 dozen, but some of them are pretty small.. literally bite-size.

So, fun times :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Good News!

I have officially been hired as an instructor for the recreation and parks department of my city to teach kids cooking classes. I am so excited about it, I get to design my own classes and the rec & parks dept. will even go out and buy me whatever food and materials I need for the class. Since I have two other jobs besides this, it'll just be weekends for the time being, but maybe in the summer I'll teach during the week too. It would be so fun to have a cupcake decorating class, that is definitely on my list.

It's really nice how all three of my jobs have cooking/ food preparation components. Snack for the kids at school, lunch/ dinner for my grandpa, and now snacks/ meal items for my own class I'm teaching. Planning this week the recipes I'll teach! :)