Saturday, February 19, 2011

♥ Baking ♥

California weather is weird. Sometimes it's really sunny and warm, in the Winter time, and sometimes it's really cold and windy. In the Winter time. It's been pretty cold, windy and rainy for the past few weeks... which has inspired me to stay in and bake.. when I'm not working, of course.

Super cute banana Reese's-chunk cupcakes. The batter didn't turn out as fluffy and cupcake-like as I expected, but they were still fun to decorate. :)

I guess you can kind of see the ridges... it was the first time using my frosting bottles which make frosting application so easy and fun. There are different shaped tips too so I will have to use those sometime.

Made these cookies the other night to share with friends and just snack on whenever.. 
the batch must have made at least 4-5 dozen, but some of them are pretty small.. literally bite-size.

So, fun times :)


  1. Hi Jen!

    Banana Reese's-chunk cupcakes not only look cute, they sound yummy too. Those cookies are adorable as well..

    Winter here is terrible, we received 29 centimetres close to 12 inches of snow overnight and into Monday morning.

    The city also declared a snow emergency, a designation that prohibits drivers from parking on main roads... we're finally digging ourselves out of this latest.

    Have a great week!

  2. They are good, just the density of the cake part is more like a muffin with chocolate than a cupcake, haha.. but the frosting and sprinkles definitely put them over to the edge of cupcakes :)

    Sorry to hear about your rough winter, I couldn't even imagine trying to deal with large amounts of snow. Sounds like you're getting through it though.

    Have a great week too :)