Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Passover dessert/ Happy Easter :)

Tonight's Passover meal was lovely. We had matzo ball soup, carrot tzimmies, chicken with orange sauce, potato casserole, some latkes, and for dessert... my apple crisp, and a fabulous chocolate caramel matzo crunch made by a lady who came to the dinner.

The recipe for this treat is all over the internet, originating from baker Marcy Goldman. After having just one piece, I resolved I'd have to make this for myself one day to share with my friends.These beautiful pictures from various blogs encourage me even more to do so. The people at church tomorrow will certainly enjoy the rest of the batch.

Easter Sunday here in California promises to be a lovely day... sunny, clear skies ringing with the laughter and frolicking of children searching for eggs filled with candy.

My mom found these really cute chick and bunny shaped Easter eggs that we filled with Easter grass and little chocolate eggs for the kids at church tomorrow. It seems like almost yesterday that my younger sister and her Easter rival Joe, both in their 20s now, were fighting over who *really* found the golden egg. Best thoughts of luck to the searchers this year.... and a happy Easter to all.


  1. Hi Jen!

    What an exceptional post, capturing the images of great times spent with family and loved ones through the years. How thoughtful of you and your Mom to enhance the happiness of the younger children who will cherish these kinds of experiences for a lifetime. I trust the great food, agreeable weather conditions and memorable moments shared with your loved ones made your holiday experience a delightful occasion. Many happy returns, Jen.

    Hmmm, trying my best to reach through my computer screen for one of those yummy snacks, but it's not working.

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