Monday, July 25, 2011

Utah and Cupcakes

I'm back from my 10 day group of vacations out of town, and I had a great time. I visited lots of fantastic restaurants everywhere I went, and in Utah I got to visit three lovely cupcake shops, which I will share in this first post.

One of the shops I visited, which I learned about through some other blogs I read, is The Sweet Tooth Fairy. I visited their Provo location, which was quaint and lovely.

I knew I would have to get at least one of their macarons, as macarons are wildly popular in the blog world and I had yet to actually try a macaron.

The kind I got was raspberry lemon, and I loved it. Sweet, tart, with a delicately crisp outside and a delightfully chewy inside. Also pictured to the side: some cake bites, which were pretty good.

My friend and I shared a strawberry cupcake, which was also very good, with a perfectly moist texture.

It was quite a big cupcake, so I'm glad I had someone to help me eat it!

Next, we visited The Cocoa Bean Cupcake Cafe, also in Provo.

-Photo from their blog.

There, I got the raspberry mango cupcake, which was also quite good, but with a texture that was not quite as smooth and moist as at The Sweet Tooth Fairy's. Still, it was a treat to get to the raspberry bits at the bottom of the cupcake. 

I also got the Pink Lady Italian soda, which I loved. It had such a fun, bright color to it, and it was the perfect way to quench my thirst in Utah's hot 90s weather.

Last, in Orem, I went to Cupcake Chic.

There, I got a strawberry lemonade mini-cupcake, which was perfect in every way: perfect size for me, perfect moistness of texture, and adorably decorated.

I loved their table decor, too: this gerber daisy in its little vase was very cute.

So, that's it for the sweets... next post I'll share about the restaurants I went to, in Utah and in the bay area. :)


  1. Hi Jen!

    Another Mmm, mmm good post I see. Sounds like you guys experienced a great time--woohoo! Back soon to read some of the reviews of the restaurants you took in during your travels in Utah and around the Bay area. Have a great week!