Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pretty Cakes

Time for another update, so I'm going to share some pretty cakes I've had the pleasure to enjoy recently.

This is the cake from the wedding I went to. It was a lovely yellow layer cake with custard filling.

So pretty on the inside, too :)

Caramel Macchiato cupcakes JoDee and I made.

We made these Tres Leches style with sponge cake and layers of soaked in cream and coffee/bailey's (or non-alcoholic bailey's irish creme flavored cream for those who didn't want the alcohol kind). Then a vanilla buttercream frosting and caramel sauce drizzled ontop. I liked them a lot. 

My birthday is in 3 days, starting to get excited! :)


  1. Hi Jen!

    What a great looking wedding cake! Those Caramel Macchiato cupcakes you and JoDee created look delicious, too...but somehow no matter how hard I try I cannot seem to magically pull one through this computer screen. Whatwith your birthday just a few days away, yet another mmm, mmm good cake will be taking centerstage, so please take some pics, and enjoy your special day. Many happy returns, Jen. I'm sure your great guy has some special plans in store--woohoo!!! Should our electronic paths not cross again until next week--HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  2. Thank you Al :). JoDee and I will have a lovely time making more cupcakes for my birthday party in a couple weeks. I will be sure to take pictures. Hope you're having a great week.

  3. Happy belated birthday Jen!!!!!! Caramel Macchiato cupcakes, sounds yummy too!

  4. Thanks Meesh :) I had a nice weekend.

  5. Hi Jen!

    Great to hear you enjoyed a nice weekend--woohoo! Wishing you many happy returns. Seems Meesh and I have both zeroed in on those yummy Caramel Macchiato cupcakes...indicative of a double thumbs up--Mmm, mmm good. Have a great week ahead.

  6. Yep, I will make a post about my birthday weekend soon! Looking forward to reading some of your new blog, Al.

  7. Hi Jen!

    Looking forward to your birthday weekend celebration post--woohoo! Should our paths not cross again until next week, enjoy the rest of your week, and may the weekend ahead bring much promise and reward. Safe travels to you and yours.