Friday, November 25, 2011

Celebrating Sandwiches

Well, I certainly had my share of sandwiches over the past week. The festival was fantastic, and I tried two kinds of po-boys there:

1. Oysters Rockafeller: fried oysters with lettuce and mayonnaise. Very tasty!

2. Hot sausage with collard greens and pickles. Different, but surprisingly pretty good.

There were a lot of people at the festival, and wherever there's a crowd in New Orleans, a "second line" (impromptu parade with a little band and people following it down the street) is bound to break out. That's so much fun.

While I was at the festival, I stopped by the "artist's village" and got some pretty ceramic art tiles for my family that featured famous landmarks of New Orleans, like the French Market and Cafe Du Monde. I also bought a cool vintage purse at a clothing exchange store, and a nice instrumental jazz CD at a book fair along the street. I tried some nice bread pudding, too, of a white chocolate variety.

I volunteered at the festival during the evening, handing out maps so everyone would know where to find the po-boys they wanted according to which side-street coincided with the main street at which the festival was being held. People were very appreciative. I got a free t-shirt, too. Whoever created the picture on the front has amazing talent.

Later on, at a restaurant in the Mid-town area called Lil' Dizzy's Cafe, I also had a fried shrimp po-boy. So, suffice to say, I've definitely given my love to po-boys this time around.

Next post: some pretty architecture and scenery! :)


  1. Hi Jen!

    Sounds like somebody experienced a wonderful time in New Orleans. Great food, pleasant weather, and a delightful/festive atmosphere adds up to FUN-times. Congrats on earning that well designed t-shirt--what a pleasant surprise that must have been...a well deserved reward for helping everyone get safely to their destinations of choice in a timely manner, and how thoughtful of you to remember the folks back home while you browsed the gift shops.

    To the best of your recollection during the festivities, were there any pie tables(apple, pumpkin, blueberry, etc)? Welcome back from quite the adventure in your latest travels. Have a great week, Jen, Carpe Diem!

  2. Hi Al :)
    I had a great time in New Orleans and at the festival. There were not any pie tables, because it was a sandwich festival, so there were just sandwiches and some other desserts like donuts, bread pudding, and frozen hot chocolate. I wanted to try the frozen hot chocolate but by the time I got around to it, the line was really long, haha.

  3. Good Morning, Jen!

    The frozen hot chocolate sounds like a yummy treat worthy of long lines...perhaps you'll put it on the top of your list the next time you visit.

    Thanks for clarifying the theme of the festival in your response to my question about pies, which was prompted by remembrance of a gentleman from Biloxi, Mississippi <=== hopefully added all the "i's", who yelled out cadence back in our R.O.T.C. days about a baker from New Orleans among other songs.

    Just curious, if you had to enter a po-boy sandwich during the festival what special ingredients/contents would you choose for your own creation?

  4. Yes, I'm sure they have amazing pies in New Orleans :).

    If I could enter my own po-boy sandwich... perhaps some grilled shrimp, pesto and granny smith apple slices with aged white cheddar, dusted with parmesan and drizzled with just a hint of raspberry vinegarette. That would be fancy and delicious. :)

  5. Sounds like a creation well on its way to a 1st prize Blue Ribbon, Jen, and the best part is you get to enjoy it w/a favorite beverage afterwards. Caught a glimpse of your new post, so gonna scroll up. Thanks for sharing.