Friday, December 23, 2011

More Holiday Times

It's almost Christmas! I have a little more baking to do. So far, I made the white chocolate and craisin cookies, some fudge, some cereal bark, and some sugar cookies.. one batch decorated Hanukkah themed, and the other decorated Christmas themed with my neighbor and her kids tonight.

My sister and I had fun making these last night. Hopefully the kids at the Hanukkah celebration my parents went to tonight enjoyed the cookies.

This is our tree. It's so nice to look at when it's all lit up at night.

Hope everyone's having fun getting ready for Christmas!


  1. OMG I happened to look in....once again your visual aids. I love the cookies but you know what? That Christmas tree is exquisite, formidable! You certainly have the way to decorate your site!

  2. Thanks Meesh :). That's got to be another favorite of mine for the holidays... decorating things in a festive manner.

  3. Most impressive, Jen! It's unanimous--your cookies and tree dazzle! How thoughtful of you guys to share/spread some holiday cheer with the cookies. Not sure when you are heading out to Virginia, but I'll peek in tomorrow. Should our electronic paths not cross somehow, here's wishing you and yours extended blessings, joy and peace as the year winds down.

    Do I dare ask who the reigning dreidel champion is? <just teasing, no need to answer. Safe travels.

  4. Thanks Al :). I am going to Virginia next month on the 19th. Got myself some nice, warm boots for Christmas to prepare.. it'll be snowing over there, which I'm not at all used to in CA, haha.

    p.s. we haven't played dreidel again yet, tonight is the last night of Hanukkah so we'll see :).

    re: one of your other comments from a while back that I didn't get a chance to answer, about some of the food names on New Orleans menus.. they can indeed be quite creative.

  5. Good Morning, Jen

    How thoughtful and perceptive of the person who had enough foresight to pick up those warm boots, especially for a trip out of sunny California.

    I trust you are the new reigning dreidel champion. Speaking of champion, New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees has set a new NFL record for the most yards thrown for in a single season, eclipsing the old record set by former Miami quarterback Dan Marino.

    Speaking of menus, have to agree they can indeed be quite creative. Back here tomorrow to take another look at your dazzling tree before heading East. In your travels, just curious, what is the strangest name on a menu that you've seen down in New Orleans?

  6. Hi Al,
    Well, my family and I played dreidel one more time last night, and my mom ended up winning. I have won other years though, so it's ok.

    I am happy to hear that Drew Brees is doing so well in football. The Saints and fans must be quite happy about that.

    I can say one thing, the hardest thing to spell or pronounce on a New Orleans menu that I have experienced is the "Chicken Tchoupitoulas" from Coop's Place. Tchoupitoulas, I believe, is the name of a street over there. Takes a few seconds to try to work out each syllable and figure out how to say it, haha.

  7. Hey Jen!

    Try as many times as I dare, just cannot seem to get the hang of T-ch-ou-pit-ou-las, so rather than butcher this innocent word any further I'll admit it's quite the tongue twister. If I'm ever in New Orleans I hope my GPS system is functioning well, especially if I'm looking for the above street, because I wouldn't dare ask a police officer, or even a stranger who happens by where to find it, for fear they may confuse my translation w/offense somehow (you want me to put my what where?!)yikes! major wanna get a way moment...

    So, just so your readers may have an idea how to pronounce this stumper, please write it out in its correct syllable form...thanks in advance, Jen. Back next year to see what's on tap here at your Epic Treats. Best wishes for a Happy New Year!

  8. Haha @ the joke about GPS. The lady on the GPS probably wouldn't know how to say it either. I believe, though, it's choo-pi-too-las. Silent T.

  9. Poor Al, try this, it's pronounced "Chop-a-Tule-as" like Jen said a silent "T". The name Tchoupitoulas is also a Choctaw Indian word meaning “River People”.

  10. Better yet...CHOP-A-TOO-LAS. Get it? LOL

  11. You are right, Meesh. Taken from a New Orleans website...

    TCHOUPITOULAS STREET - Pronounced <'chop-@-TOO-l@s>. It's easier to pronounce than to spell. Spelling "Tchoupitoulas" is the true test of a native; if New Orleans was a country at war, you'd ask a guy to spell this to make sure he was on your side, just like in all the old WWII movies.


  13. What a great site Jen! Packed with all kinds of info... I was glancing at some of the words in "A Lexicon of New Orleans Speech". I do, know many people who call the "bathroom" for "Battroom" and "Dat" for "that" or "da" for "the" "dere" for "there" etc etc. No, they are not Cajun but many are French speaking canucks. Hahahaha

    By the way, Jen, have a very Happy New Year to you and yours!Any big plans for New Year's Eve?

  14. Yes, it did seem to be a very interesting and informative site :). As I understand, the French language is quite prevalent in parts of Canada. Interesting how the slang there overlaps with that of New Orleans.

    Happy new year to you as well! I went out with some friends tonight so I'll have a mellow night on new years eve watching TV with my cat. How about you?

  15. According to Canada's 2006 census, English and French are the mother tongues of Canadians respectively. All government jobs, require that employees must be fluent in both languages.

    Where I live, the freeway signs are both in English and in French.Some smaller French communities the street signs are like this as well... As for the slang, well it's pretty well all words that have "TH" in it. For some French speaking peeps, it's difficult to pronounce, is what I make of this.

    My plans for New Year's eve, just hanging out with some of my friends, nothing spectacular...

  16. Ah, that makes sense... the having trouble pronouncing "th". I always wanted to learn French. Maybe I will, over time. :)

    Happy New Year, Al and Meesh :)

  17. Happy New Year, Jen!

    What a delightful place you have/maintain here! Lots of great menu dishes, travel plans to interesting places, and a hostess who makes people feel comfortable and right at home... <deserving of a warm round of appreciative applause.

    Have to thank you and Meesh for the enlightening linguistics lesson, but I know my limitations, and suffice it to say I'd have to have the option to write the correct pronunciation if I was prompted to reveal my true allegiance to New Orleans during war. There's just some words where one's tongue zigs when it should zag, and vice-versa.

    Speaking of zigging and zagging, thanks for the chuckle as I feel so much better knowing that even my very authoritarian(more like obnoxious, but I'll be nice)GPS system would also be stumped by Tchoupitoulas, <so take that Miss Know it all, do you like dem apples. I'd be rich if I had a dollar for every time that voice chided me--grrr

    When you have a free moment, and the spirit moves you, please venture over to 2012, and create a membership profile, so you may point a link back here to your Epic Treats, so others may enjoy their online experience here from time to time.

    Are you planning on taking pics, and developing a post about your trip to Virginia? Please don't forget your warm boots. Have a great week, Jen! Carpe Diem!

  18. I, too, would not represent the absolute best New Orleans local, Al. I'd have to do some intense studying, and as it is I only know my way around the French Quarter on a basic level. Still, it's nice to know my way around to that extent.

    I signed up on your blog, I'm just waiting for the confirmation email. Will look forward to your new posts soon!

  19. GOOD Morning, Jen!

    Hat tip of thanks for signing up--much appreciated, and have always counted upon you to leave a thoughtful comment where and when you can.

    I'm a bit confused, sitting here with a quizzical face @ French Quarter, because when I initially saw the word "Tchoupitoulas" I thought it had Greek origins--oh, silly me. Just curious, if you can recall the first time you actually had to pronounce it, when you ordered the dish--Chicken Tchoupitoulas" from Coop's Place--did you do it confidently, or get tongued tied?

    Can imagine you are busy getting out of holiday mode, and making travel arrangements, and remembering to write 2012 instead of 2011 < I'll need a few more days to adjust. Have a great day, Jen.

  20. Thankfully, I have never had to actually pronounce the word. I just remember seeing it on the menu and as a street name, and thought it was a rather unusual word.

    I'm all settled into my new apartment in San Jose, and I'm looking forward to exploring soon. Hope you're having a great week, Al!

  21. Hey Jen!

    Thanks @ great week! Lucky you that you didn't have to actually say it, haha. Remember my granny saying that lots of immigrants arriving with similair challenging names had their names altered/shortened, and as a youngster--full of himself--use to think why wouldn't folks just spell/say the whole word out. Of course, now--less full of myself, I realize that's easier said than done. Hopefully, "Tchoupitoulas" won't be making the spelling bee circuit outside of New Orleans.

    Congratulations on your new place--Woohoo! Hope you'll find some favorite eating spots while getting use to your new surroundings. Back next week to find out what's next on tap here at your Epic Treats. Safe travels, Jen.

  22. Congrats on your new home Jen!

    "May your home always be too small to hold all of your friends." ~Author Unknown

  23. Thanks Meesh :). It's very nice so far.

  24. ...and may it be blessed with treasured memories. Have a great week, Jen!