Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Boogie on the Bayou, and more sushi

Well, the festival was okay. It was really hot that day, and there were a lot of people. It was crowded because there was not very much space on the narrow street in which the festival was held, plus a lot of people were at the festival all at once. A lot of the same booths were there as I saw in Mountain View. There were a few New Orleans/Southern food booths....

......and one little Jazz band that made an appearance before wandering off...

.....but it wasn't as exciting as my friend from work had hyped it up to be. He was really disappointed because he lived in New Orleans for years and it is a lot different than this festival. I had an ok time though. I got some really good jambalaya, and there was a gelato place along the street so I got some gelato. I got to choose 3 flavors for my size, so I chose: white chocolate raspberry, creme brulee, and tiramisu. As far as I'm concerned, nothing is a bust if there is gelato involved! I could see myself going back to Campbell just to get some more of that delicious gelato.

It has gotten even easier for me to make sushi with practice. This week, I made coconut curry shrimp sushi with cucumber and avocado, topped with a chipotle mayo sauce. Eating that delicious, spicy jambalaya at the festival just made me realize how much I like spicy/really flavorful foods, and I should cook that way more. Using multiple spices together to create unique flavors is really an art, and it's an art I want to learn.

On Saturday, a friend came into town to visit me and we went to San Francisco. We walked to the Mission district and got dinner at Bar Tartine. I heard it was a good restaurant from one of the blogs I read. It's kind of one of those "hidden gems," because on the outside it's just this unmarked, inconspicuous little shop. I knew we were there because the map function on my phone told us we were there, but I had to ask a security guard nearby exactly where it was, and we were right next to it. Their dinner menu is really specialized, it's just one page. My friend and I shared a biscuits and gravy dish with potato and herbs that no longer seems to be on the menu, and the stuffed chicken with stewed smoked sausage, sauerkraut, mushrooms and sour cream. These dishes were just packed with flavor, so even though they were not huge dishes, we were quite full and satisfied by the end. Two servings of bread before our dishes came out helped too, I'm sure.

This weekend is Fanime again! That is the anime convention held here in San Jose that I went to last year. It will be nice to see my friends and all the people in fun costumes. I realized I never shared any pictures of people in their costumes, but next post I will post costume pictures from this time and last time I went.


  1. Jen!

    What a great post! Heat and surpopulation can be a deterring factor with any event Here where I live whenever we have summer events they start within QueenVictoria Day(late May)at that point we pick and choose for what comes next. Sure we have many/many events for Canada Day. This year, because I am soooo close to the USA border, a friend from work asked me to join him , he obtained tickets to the "HEART" concert featured a few days ahead maybe within that weekend...the casino is here To actually watch, fireworks within the waters that separate our two countries will be awesome, I had the audacity to ask him if it was definitely "HEART" performing .
    ...he replied humbly, he thought it was. To that,no biggie, I love music, I am looking forward to this!

    1. That sounds really fun, Meesh! I hope you enjoy your festivals and the concert. I did not know they had a Caesar's Palace in Canada. The former pastor of the church that my parents attend has a son who plays the piano at the Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.

      I may try to go to this festival next:
      July 14-15, 2012
      San Jose Buddhist Church
      Obon/Bazaar: (every year in mid July) Japantown's largest festival with two days of game booths, food booths, cultural exhibits and demonstrations, the Chidori Band, San Jose Taiko and over 1,200 dancers in full costume each evening. A San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin event.

    2. Jen,
      It's not really Caesar's Palace per apologies. Caesars Windsor is in Windsor, Ontario (about 40 minutes tops, away from where I live) is one of four casinos in the Detroit–Windsor area. It is owned by my provincial government that's Ontario. (through the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation)it is operated by Caesars Entertainment.

      It started off as Casino Windsor and there was a new expansion was designed strictly for entertainment etc. The casino is located on Windsor's riverfront overlooking the Detroit skyline near the Canadian end of the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel. The creation of this casino was a leading factor in the legalization of casino gambling in Detroit.

      I am not one to gamble. yes I may buy a lottery ticket once in a while.But this entertainment, live music, shows, I love this... I would like to check it out, because where I work we get an employee discount for future tickets, shows...

      My co-worker won two ticket, he is not all that pumped about "Heart" the Wilson sisters with their many many hits is one of my favourites. Heart is an American rock band who first found success in Canada before later achieving broader popularity in the United States and worldwide. Their greatest hits "What About Love" "Never", "These Dreams" the list goes on and on... it's their powerful voices.

      We can drive down easily without booking a hotel within their facilities, make a day trip.

    3. Jen,

      Must add, I anticipate to read the outcome (if you manage to get to that next festival on July 14-15, 2012) I love when you travel, your detailed analysis and your say of what you explored (good or bad) is very fascinating to read!

      Although I am not an American citizen I also get Memorial Day off...I work within a USA sector, so therefore where all my canuck friends will be toiling away next Monday... I am off. Any holiday barbeques,festivities, ball games etc. for you and Al?

      All the very best, cheers my American friends, please be safe!

    4. I so want to see HEART, here's a glimpse:

      and this,
      Yeh old songs. This is why I want to see them live

    5. Ahh, nothing like classic 80s rock. HEART is sure to be awesome :). This memorial weekend I will just be having fun at Fanime with my friends. It lasts all the way through Monday afternoon I think, and I get the day off work too. Thanks for the background info about Caesar's. I noticed that the font style they use for the name is the same as Caesar's Palace, but similar to some amusement parks around the country, I see that individual locations must have some slight differences. I don't gamble much either, but it's fun to go to casinos now and then. I liked the restaurants I visited when I went and stayed in Vegas last time.. my friend and I mostly just ate at the restaurants in our hotel, which was a rather large hotel, and there were at least five restaurants just in that hotel... all different kinds, Japanese cuisine, American fare, Italian, etc.

    6. Jen,

      I forgot this one...

    7. OOPS another one...

      The "Magic Man" is Mike Fisher, the group's original guitarist. He was Ann Wilson's boyfriend, and she followed him to Canada during the Vietnam War years so he wouldn't get drafted. In 1974, Nancy Wilson (Ann's sister) joined the band and Fisher became their manager and sound engineer.

      Here's the song:

    8. I'm pretty sure I've heard all these songs before, actually :). On television, probably on VH1 or something. Magic Man is a great song.

  2. Good morning, Jen!

    Sounds like you had good time, though it's fully understandable that it's not easy for a much smaller venue like Campbell to compare to the real thing--New Orleans. Sounds like the weather was generally ideal too, a bit warm, but certainly better than rain or heavy winds, etc. Soooo, you are quite the gelato lover...sounds like a yummy treat.

    Just curious, Did you and your friend try the Face Painting booth?
    Hope you enjoy the Fanime convention this weekend--woohoo! Am looking forward to your next post full of pics of the bright customes. Back next week to see what's on tap here at your Epic Treats. Safe travels/Happy Memorial Day weekend!

    1. You are right Al, though it was very warm, that is more fitting for the season right now as opposed to rainy or windy. It tends to be quite chilly and windy in the morning and at night... basically for the whole time when I am either on my way to work or coming home.. but during the day it's nice and sunny and warm.

      My friends and I did not get our faces painted... I haven't done that since I was a kid. I used to like doing that, though. I hope you have a great memorial day too. I will just be staying here in town for the convention.

    2. Good morning, Jen!

      Interesting that similar early-morning/late-evening cooler temps are the norm here as well lately--no complaints from me--a nice touch.

      Ha, soooo you and your friends all passed on painting your faces. Where's that adventurous spirit in you?! Thought you would have done both cheekbones up, and took a couple of pics for old-time kiddin', just happy you were able to enjoy your day.

      Just curious, Did you take part in the recent 75th Birthday celebration of the Golden Gate Bridge? Am scrolling up to your new post...enjoy your day :)

    3. Haha, if my friends had wanted to get their faces painted I might have considered it. I did not know about the 75th birthday celebration of the golden gate bridge.. I need to keep more current on San Francisco happenings. :)

  3. You know what Jen? Upon further investigation, I guess Caesar Entertainment is in fact part of Caesar's Palace...,_Inc.

    Soooo good eye on their famous logo... I knew the original casino is owned by our provincial government, however the entertainment sector is managed by the same as Caesar's Palace.

    Yes, HEART will be great to see, a little story on how I managed to get a free ticket from my co-worker. A month ago I had won at work an IPOD TOUCH, I was not all that interested in it. But my co-worker thought it was great. Me not so much.

    A few weeks ago he won two tickets for great tickets for HEART I think they retail about the same for one ticket (they are great seats) our social club at work give out great prizes.

    Anyway, I asked him would he would consider a trade for one ticket for my IPOD Touch... He said absolutely, he just wants to check out the casino and he will take in the entertainment.

    We decided to save on gas, we'll drive together, also the 401 expressway can be treacherous from where we live to Windsor, especially on a Saturday night.

    I think it was a fair trade, he thinks he got a better deal, me? No way!

    1. So yes at first he asked me to join him...because he knew I really was interested in the prize that he won... so to make it fair, I knew he thought the prize that I had won, was just great! I accepted the ticket but as a trade.

    2. My last comment about HEART, promise... Jen, you said it well, HEART is a band of the 80's where music WAS music! Many old classics, you still aired on the radio.

      In early spring of 1997, that a date asked me to go to a FOX THEATER concert in Detroit... here's FOX Theater

      It's magnificent! Well the entainment was not of my choice, John Denver...but you know what ? His live concert was faulous.John Denver died on October 12, 1997, a plane crash. Till this day I am so hapy I saw one of his last performances...

      The Wilson sisters could be around for many years, but performing not so sure...this is why I want to see them. I have had the opportunity to see many famous groups do a comeback (live) thoroughly enjoyable. Alas, I missed the chance to see Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston. Where, life can come to an end so quickly.

      I love all genres of music, what can I say? But to thoroughly enjoy the hit records, seeing it live what the performer has to say in between each song is well worth it. Yes, I am also a history buff.

      Jen, have you have had the opportunity to see some old famous groups reunite? Ah nothing like it, their funy little stories in between each past hits they perform.

    3. Well, one time at the fair, my family and I saw this band called "War." They are like a hippie band, my mom liked them a lot. Other than that, the only other famous person whose show I went to is Weird Al, and Randy Travis when I was a kid. I always liked Randy Travis. No one does country like he does. :)

    4. That's a pretty cool trade. I think you got the better deal, because electronics die eventually or you have to get an updated model, but when you go to see a band you love in concert, that memory lasts a lifetime. :)