Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fun times

So, last weekend I went to the Ferry Building Farmer's Market in San Francisco with my cousin, and it was a really nice day. I got pomegranates, red potatoes, kale and some apples... and with some of my ingredients I made this lovely soup.

It's got kale, potatoes, white cannellini beans, carrot, vegetable broth, a little garlic, onion and salt, zuchinni, and a little shredded cheddar ontop. Definitely a keeper!

We also went inside the ferry building where we made a visit to Miette, a cute little pastry shop where I got an amazing chocolate lavendar macaron...

...and also Blue Bottle for some coffee and cookies.

This weekend, I went to the San Jose Flea Market to search for inspiration for my Halloween costume. As I observed all the fun animal hats, I recalled that they sell a lot of those at anime conventions too... so I decided I'd buy one and be an anime convention attendee. I even have my old badge from 2011 with all the buttons I've been collecting ever since I started going to conventions. Next post I will post a picture.

They had a farmer's market at the flea market too, where I got some more pomegranates, tangerines, and avocados.

After the flea market, I visited Japantown and got some pocky to go with my costume.. and no visit to Japantown is complete without a Hawaiian shave ice.

This time I got blue raspberry and green tea. A little boy and his mom shared my table with me, they were from Campbell and super nice. We talked about legos and farmer's markets.

Pretty relaxing day so far, went to get some things at Whole Foods and just relaxing now. Hope everyone else is having a nice weekend too! :)


  1. Good morning, Jen!

    Sounds like a flash of brilliance came over you while browsing through those hats, and you came away with a great idea for your Halloween costume. Am looking forward to a pic in your next post. Hope your office Halloween bash was a fun-loving time for all.
    Were there some other original costumes like yours? Or a wave of Spidermen, The Hulk, Captain America, Caesar, Wonder Woman, Dorothy and her cohorts of "the Wizard of Oz" fame, etc.?

    Enjoy your day, and here's wishing you and our ami north of the border a safe and enjoyable weekend. Off to the first coffee shop I encounter to land a warm, tasty soup after drooling over the pic you posted. Back next week to see what's next on tap here at your Epic Treats.

    1. Hi Al,
      The Halloween party was fun, we had Chinese food for lunch and some people brought candy. It was fun seeing peoples' costumes. One lady was Wonder Woman.. some people were sports players... one girl was a fairy.. one guy went as a Che Guevara sort of figure.. there was a peacock, a witch, a panda, and one guy even dressed up as our boss. He won second place.

      Enjoy your weekend Al!

    2. Top of the morning to you, Jen! Sounds like your coworkers know how to party in style--lots of great costumes!!!

  2. Howdy! Allo to my fav American friends... cheers from Ontario Canada!

    What a treat to look in for two good reasons (in no particular order) first, to see the cheerful fun colours of a snow cone...brings back fond memories of summer/hot months that seem so very distant right now. Jen, this must be great to be able to partake in having a snow-cone to cool you off in the late days of October! That picture is soooo inviting!

    Ahhh My American friend from the east coast has been spared from the devastation of Sandy! It is sooo nice to hear from Alan!

    Last Tuesday night I happen to be watching CNN on television and they featured many cities on the Atlantic seaboard that had been hit pretty badly; but one city in particular caught my attention immediately...from that time I have been concerned. I wondered whether Al stayed behind in WNY or did he travel east as he does weekly...

    Anyway without too many “rougir” moments ....(sidebar, Al blushes easily for many reasons.) I have visioned Alan helping out wherever he could or would be at. Right? He rarely discusses these things/ these acts of kindness on his behalf... Happy to “see” yoou Al! Hope you get rested despite clean-up! Deal OK?!

    Jen, heh your idea for your Halloween costume is fabulous, a very “artsy” creation I bet!
    I am also looking forward to seeing a picture...and reading your responses to Al’s questions.

    Now back to your post, what great pictures! You do have a knack to capture wonderful visualization within each submissions. What a great structure the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market is, with a splash of a pinkish-hue sky in the background. B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!

    Yummy! That white bean and kale soup does look and sound wonderful, thank you for the recipe... we are definitely entering “soup-weather” here...where’s the summer months? Time sure flies, eh?! I was feeling a bit sad... autumn- blues, but you know what? Visiting here, “always” lifts my sprits... I find myself smiling again!

    I thought, I would include this Youtube’s so very “cute”-----> ....Next Tuesday will finally be here and 2012 Presidential elections will be finally over and that little girl will be happy! Hahahaha

    Have a wonderful weekend guys!

    1. Hi Meesh, I actually decided to just be a penguin for Halloween since I figured more people at work would get that. I wore my penguin hat, a white shirt, a black sweater, and a black skirt, black tights, black boots, and a pink scarf. People thought it was cute. I'm glad my website cheers you up, I know I will get a bit sad when the weather starts getting colder but I will just try to enjoy the season.

      Haha, that's a funny video.. kind of reminds me of a video I saw in the past where a girl is crying because she loves Justin Bieber so much. The video went viral and she got to meet him on some talk show.

    2. Bonjour!

      Still perceptive and sharp as ever. Merci!
      Looks like Jen has a new post up--am scrolling up...


  3. A penguin costume, the way you co-ordinated it - sounds very original! A penguin hat? I’m not sure what you mean but I am sure it went well.

    Yeh that video is pretty cute, I love the way that little girl says: "Bronco Bamma" Anyway as I said, it will be over by Wednesday morning.

    A funny/cute too of the video of that little kid, in love with Justin Bieber.

    Funny, YouTube was our canuck born Justin's first step to success … that's how he was discovered in the first place. Anyway, here in my hometown or many Ontario cities you cannot enter a Shopper's Drug Mart without being greeted by a huge Justin Bieber cut-out, they're all over the place... kind of spooky. There's weekly draws for a life size Justin Bieber cardboard cut-out...

    Well it was sooo nice to stop in... talk later!

    1. Hi Meesh, I will post a picture soon, it's a black and white hat with penguin eyes/beak on the top.

      That's funny how you have a bunch of Justin Bieber cutouts in Canada. I imagine there are a lot of 12 year old girls who would love to have one.