Sunday, March 11, 2012

More Weekend Fun

Last weekend, I went to Santa Cruz with some friends, and it was great fun. We went to Natural Bridges Beach, and then walked around the shops downtown for a little while, getting dinner at a neat Mexican food place with high mission-style ceilings, then dessert at Marini's Downtown.

There were little tide pools all over the rocks, with sea anenomes and mussles. So pretty!

The tide started coming in while we were there, too. While we were walking on the rocks, we had to be careful not to get hit by the waves! That wouldn't have been so bad, we just didn't want to get our clothes wet, haha.

It's really a very pretty beach. All kinds of people were there just walking around the rocks, or relaxing and listening to music with some beers. It definitely had that "college town" vibe, as UC Santa Cruz is nearby.

It was a real adventure to think of ways to get across the rocks-- climbing along the sides, or just jumping down and climbing up the next rock.

This has got to be the most lovely hot chocolate I have ever had. Leave it to a candy/specialty store to make a pretty hot chocolate, with extra features you wouldn't expect. The chocolate shavings ontop and the fudge tucked at the side were so fun. It tasted delicious, too!

So, that was last weekend... this weekend I have just gone grocery shopping, relaxed and did homework, but I may go out later on tonight. Hope everyone has a good week!


  1. Hi Jen,

    I do love dropping in here...thanks for allowing me to once again share your weekend by helping me visualize the splendors of nature....also man-made...that Hot Chocolate with mounds of whipped cream (cannot forget about the chocolate shavings) YUMMY almost sinful!

    Have a fabulous week, and thanks for sharing!

  2. Pssst Jen.... I am ALSO very interested on what Al catches in your beautifully written/visual post. I betcha, I know what he'll ask, Hmm come to think of it, he never ceases to amaze me.......So we shall see on Tuesday when he has a chance to check "what's on tap" at your most Epic Treats!

  3. Thanks for dropping by, Meesh :). I don't enjoy nature enough, but with so much natural beauty close by, I will try to make it more of a habit. I, too, am interested in seeing what Al has to say. We'll see, soon.

  4. Hey Jen!

    You and Meesh have already captured the true essence of this post within your own comments. Have to agree with Meesh that you seem to have a knack for capturing great moments in time...and that sharp camera of yours that continues to provide breathtaking views only further enhances the overall reading experience here, leaving the reader with a sense of sharing these adventures/romps right along aside you. What a beautiful scene, soaking up the warmth of the Sun, sharing delightful moments with friends amid the roar of the waves crashing ashore...I'm in

    Speaking of nature, just curious, rumor has it that California boasts some of the biggest trees(the Redwood), have you ever seen or touched one?

  5. I am fortunate that the camera on my phone takes such nice pictures, so I can take pictures wherever I go. I have another camera too, but it's kind of old, and bigger than most digital cameras, so I hardly ever use it.

    I have indeed seen and touched these famous Redwood trees. They're pretty amazing. If I ever encounter them again, I'll be sure to take a picture.

    1. Hey Jen!

      Am excited to know someone whose actually seen and touched these amazing natural wonders up close--woohoo!
      What a time not to have your trusted camera handy--shoots! That's okay though, because your word is akin to gold to me, so I know if you ever encounter them again a picture will grace your Epic Treats. Not sure if you've been to Niagara Falls or not, but Meesh's Canadian side is absolutely breathtaking, and the American side is just as beautiful.

      Hope you are enjoying a productive and prosperous week. Are there some St. Patrick Day treats in store for your co-workers and housemates? If so, please share a few images here. Enjoy your day.

    2. Well Jen,

      Al is familiar with Niagara Falls, and yes you really should make a point to visit.

      The Horseshoe Falls, also known as our Canadian Falls, is part of Niagara Falls, on the Niagara River, it takes approximately 90% of the Niagara River...

      Well of course a horse shoe depicts GOOD LUCK depending how it's placed....upwards the luck stays, you know the saying... Yeh it's beautiful with the lights and all.

      However, the Bridal Veil Falls, sure it is the smallest of the three waterfalls that make up Niagara Falls, it is located on your U.S. side (in New York State) But Ohhhhh so romantic too.

      I believe everyone from everywhere should visit what connects our two countries!

      Heh! Al should we make a date with Jen (and a friend too) to explore these wonders? I have been to Niagara Falls I betcha 50 times in my life and never grow tired of it.

    3. Raising a toast to two great countries, and one fine lady...

      Wishing good fortune and horseshoes always pointed upward for Jen and her friend, and anyone who else dares to share romantic moments near the Bridal Veil Falls.

  6. It's interesting that you mention Bridal Veil Falls, Meesh-- there's actually a little waterfall that's called Bridal Veil Falls in Utah, too, which I visited when I was there last summer. I suppose it couldn't be the same one, though.

    Niagara Falls sounds beautiful. I have heard about it in the movies. You are lucky to live near such a lovely natural wonder.

    As for St. Patrick's Day... I was thinking about making some Irish soda bread. I'll use my mini-muffin pan so I don't have to cut it up into slices and there will be plenty of little rolls for everyone to try. Any festive St. Patrick's Day cooking plans for you, Al and Meesh?

    1. Well, any stove is experiencing the "Luck of the Irish" all year long, Jen, as long as I'm not setting them afire, or burning something in or on them, soooo, no cooking plans for me...though I feel lucky to be mentioned in the same sentence as Meesh.

      In your latest post, caught a great picture of you standing in Utah's very own Bridal Veil Falls...the person responsible for capturing that moment seems to be as talented as you are with photography.

    2. On Friday, let's make a deal, come down and burn my kitchen while I attempt to do the GREEN-thing at work.. SCREECH! Wait, my fire insurance is due to be renewed on April 4th...Must look after that first thing! LOL

      I agree on the photography, but the subject as well as backdrop makes a BIG difference on the outcome. Gorgeous photo!

  7. Jen,

    I've never been to Utah or have the opportunity to gaze their "Bridal Veil" falls..but in Canada the honeymoon capital, or for lovers it is Niagara Falls Ontario. When reading the pamphlets offered within our tour-guides... I looked when Canada were inviting tourists towards the USA (NY state) with the pristine white falls that flow majestically on your side. I thought to myself, strange... I made a point to take the full tour, of what both of our countries share. Helli-copter rides above the falls and of course the Maid Of The Mist that go all over...I plan on driving again for the Lights Festival for New Years Years (Niagara on the Lake)

    AHH Jen, you have to come some day! The USA Bridal Veil Falls in NY are sparkling and majestic...this is splendid although I have watched them on the Canadian side. Al can tell you what they look like on the New York side.

    For St.Patrick's Day...shoots I am NOT Irish, I love the Irish however I have been informed by new boss, Friday we have to wear GREEN (dress-down...eye-roll) and bring something GREEN for potluck (major eye-roll) got to go and think GREEN!


  8. I will post a picture of myself at Utah's Bridal Veil falls, so you can see it. :)

    If I ever have the good fortune to see New York sometime, perhaps I will visit their Bridal Veil falls too.

    I am a little Irish, at my work we don't have to wear green but I think I might wear my white cardigan with a few green stripes just to be festive. Good luck thinking of something green for the pot luck.. maybe bring some cookies with green sprinkles.

    1. Got it covered Jen...cookies and green sprinkles, would be nice. (I hadn't read this) I put my thinking cap last night.. it was soooo late when I posted that (my time) you redirected me. I had kept it inside, I had other things on my mind.
      Anyway, I knew I had to think GREEN. Sooooo I decided to go to the 24HR OPEN Sobey grocery store. (in the very weeeee early hours) to check out the produce section. Avocados of course! Here I was testing them for ripeness. I managed to find several on the verge of squishy side. I have the greatest recipe for Guacamole Dip. I am not too sure but the recipe I adapted was originally from one of your First Ladies, Laura Bush.. (I liked it was simple, of course I tweaked it a bit) with suggestions from ALRECIPES.COM. I do not care for the pre-fab dip. Guess what? I found GREEN they're not moldy. Hahahahaha A bit too much GREEN? Who cares, I fulfilled my duty. LOL

      Now gotta find "GREEN" clothing, in the grunge style.

      Happy St Patrick's Day to you and yours and of COURSE my AL!

  9. Green chips and guacamole sounds like a fantastic idea! Both unique and healthy, for those who want something salty to enjoy for the occasion.