Friday, March 23, 2012

The most beautiful donut in the world.

This is it.

"Strawberry Fields

Something to get hung about!
Strawberry icing, freeze-dried
strawberries & Pocky Stick, it
should be on our menu forever."

A buddy and I went to Psycho Donuts tonight after dinner. It's this awesome, funky little donut shop that's open until midnight, right next to a comedy club. They have amazing looking specialty espresso drinks, too. One of these days maybe I'll get to the light rail station super early so I have time to grab one before work.

So, that was the highlight of my night. Have you ever seen a donut more fantastic?


  1. Heh Jen! Did you actually get a taste,or eat this great looking doughnut? LOOKS YUMMY!

  2. Yes, I ate it after taking a picture because it was so pretty :). It tasted as good as it looked.

  3. Jen,
    Yummy what a treat this must have been! By the way, on Saturday evening that previous message was the last thing that I posted on my dying computer monitor. I had been battling with it for sometime, signing in became very difficult. Anyway on Sunday morning my monitor officially died. It was not so much for the cost of a new monitor...these days it's fairly cheap... but yeh the bother of re-installing it did not thrill me. I somewhat prefer the more sleek square monitors rather than these landscaped ones. I prefer my home desktop computer as opposed to my laptop.

    I made sure to stop in at STAPLES on my way home, and bought a new monitor, I realize a computer is useless without a monitor, Tuesday mornings are very special to me. So I had to make sure to say bubbyes to the old monitor FINALLY, and install this one, so far so good, I did not mess up. LOL

    Well I had to settle with a 24" monitor, landscape, it's a bit different, but what I have noticed it's the different colour hues within your site, I never noticed the humming birds on your choice of landscape... what a great looking website you have. Of course what you add to it, with savoury pictures is more enjoyable to me. "2012" I must admit my FAVOURITE site, looks the same but I see my Al embellished it with "words".

  4. Sorry to hear about your monitor, Meesh, but glad you have a nicer one now :). I like my layout too. Hummingbirds are so pretty.

  5. Good Morning, Jen!

    If I'm so fortunate to wed my soulmate someday samples of this epic treat would be an ideal party favor served for dessert with everyone's choice of ice cream topping. Just curious, what would you personally recommend as a beverage to compliment this mmm, mmm tasty treat?

    Hope your week is off to a great start.

  6. Donuts like this would indeed be a fun, unique and tasty accompaniment to a wedding. As far as what kind of beverage would pair well... a red velvet mocha would be perfect. They serve them in parts of Utah, and they used to serve them at a coffee shop in my hometown, but then it changed hands. Basically just a mocha but a beautiful shade of pink.

    1. What a rich, smooth and tasty treat, Jen! Forgive my inquisitiveness, but any advice to a catering-business on how best to store these donuts and mochas(say enough for a party of 40)during an outdoor wedding event on a cliff overlooking the ocean near sunset?

      Also, no offense, just another question since you're as competent as a wedding-consultant--without all the hemming and hawing--Do you think men in general would also enjoy a mocha with this mmm, mmm good donut? Personally, I'm open to it, but wanted to get a sense if some stuff-shirts may be put off if they had to drink one instead of a cold glass of tea, a Sprite, etc.

      Okay, no more questions-promise--well, for now I mean. Hope you are enjoying your day. Hmm..."a beautiful shade of pink".

    2. Yes, good point... it would be hard for everyone to have a mocha at a wedding like that. A glass of milk would do equally well. It would be a nice, simple drink to balance out the complexity of the donut. And of course, soft drinks or other beverages would be available as an alternative.

    3. Good Morning, Jen!

      Appreciate the honest reponse, no great surprise though considering the source ( some wedding-consultants may pass on the milk-mustaches, but I couldn't agree more with a cold glass of milk, and Meesh's latte suggestion is equally ideal). Having alternative choices is always a good thing, and makes for a more cheerful setting. Just curious, Do you recall what you and your Friend may have had to wet your whistles during that wedding in Utah?

      Am scrolling up one more time for another look at the world's most beautiful donut...back next week to find out what's next on tap here at your Epic Treats. Safe/wonderful weekend wishes ahead for you and Meesh.

    4. Well, Al... the wedding I went to was actually near San Francisco, and it was not with my Friend but with a different friend. We just had wine. There were also sodas available. :)

    5. Hey Jen!

      Wine is a good thing--great choice! Smart of the wedding-planner to have other choices to choose from as well. Am scrolling up to your latest post--another tasty donut treat I see--woohoo! D-R-O-O-L alert...

  7. Hi Jen,

    Al with his inquisitive nature (sidebar - you have to love him, right?) within his first question, I would have simply said a glass of milk, or coffee/latté but your sophisticated reply... "a red velvet mocha" sounds appealing, I will check that out, sounds smooth, red velvet mocha YUMMY!

    Anyway our very inquisitive Al comes up with "stuff-shirts" methinks they all enjoy coffee or tea, perhaps "brown cow"? Easy, or a specialty coffee Do not race with answers. I do love catching up!

    1. Very nice recipes, Meesh :). Easy to make, yet sophisticated and perfectly suitable for a wedding or other special event.