Friday, August 31, 2012

Dolores Park, Revisited

I am still waiting on some pictures from my East Coast trip, but that just gives me an opportunity to talk about my favorite place-- San Francisco.

Dolores Park was pretty much deserted last time I went there with my friend, but when I went there again last weekend with my cousin and her friends, after a visit to Tartine Cafe for lunch and Ritual Coffee for drinks, I saw a whole new side to the park.

This part of the park is affectionately referred to as Hipster Hill. It is a popular hangout for 20-somethings of the hipster variety-- artistic, musical types. Free spirits. When the weather is nice, it's practically like a social event to just come out here, people-watch, relax in the sunshine, and enjoy some pizza, cotton candy, beer, or other sweet treats that vendors walk around and sell. I got a really great vibe from this place. When you are here, you don't really even care what time it is. You could spend a whole afternoon here and just be happy to be present.

Hopefully I'll get a chance soon to bring some of my other friends here, before the summer's over.


  1. Hmm, sounds like Woodstock has a cousin in San Francisco...just teasing, Jen, but am happy such a unique place exists, where people can simply go to and relax and unwind about the cares of the day.

    Have you tried a slice of pizza yet? or any of those sweet treats? What would you recommend? Hope that really great vibe you experienced remains a constant feeling whenever you and your friends venture back. Enjoy your day :) and the week ahead.

    1. I did not get any of the pizza or snacks that day, because I didn't bring cash with me, but they had lollipops, brownies, peanuts, lemon bars and probably some other things. I think I'd go for a brownie. Maybe next time. :)

    2. A tasty brownie treat, w/a cold glass of milk sounds good, Jen. Just curious, given the crowd is blessed with artist, musicians, etc., What are the chances of hearing some classic Beatles songs? Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, etc.?

      For fear of sounding like a broken record, didn't ask yesterday if there was a vendor on scene offering hotdogs? Did you guys notice one? Hope your day is filled with sunshine and epic treats.

    3. Yes, brownies and milk are a great combination. There was actually some Elton John playing on someone's boombox behind me when I went last time, so I'd imagine plenty of classic rock playing going on.

      Unfortunately there were no hot dogs at this park. There was a Mexican food truck though, with tacos and some things. :)

  2. Hey Jen!

    Guess that makes two thumbs @ the brownies and milk combo. Mmm, mmm good @ the tacos, etc. offered. Dolores Park sounds like an interesting, happening and fun place to be. Can you imagine a wedding ceremony taking place there?

    All for now, back next week to reconnect and find out what's next here on tap at your Epic Treats. Perhaps the Washington pics you and your special Friend took will be ready....Enjoy your day, safe weekend wishes too.

    1. I can definitely imagine a hipster wedding taking place at Dolores Park :). That would be memorable.

      I do have some pictures I can share from my trip besides the ones I'm waiting for... next I will share pictures from the zoo! :) Have a nice weekend.

  3. Good Morning, Jen!

    Am scrolling up to read your latest--thanks in advance for the pictures you are sharing