Saturday, September 8, 2012

DC Trip, Abridged

So, I got a new phone today... and attempted to email myself all the rest of my DC photos but some of them did not go through in time. But, here are the ones that did.

Flamingoes at the National Zoo! I love flamingoes, they are so pretty in pink.

Neat mural near the U Street Metro station! This district is often associated with the Harlem renaissance, a very artistic and creative time, hence the gentleman playing a violin.

A glimpse of the Potomac River while whizzing by on the metro.

The white house, and a stunning view of DC sky. Look at those billowing clouds!

A closer look. It was kind of awe-inspiring to be that close to the white house. I could have gotten even closer, too. There were some ladies protesting on the white house lawn about women's rights. They had songs, too.

A deep fried oreo from the Arlington County Fair. I just couldn't resist. They had deep fried twinkies, too. We also watched a piglet race and just browsed the game offerings-- everything you'd expect from a classic fair/carnival.

So, fun times... guess that's all for now... not pictured are some jaunts to Georgetown and Dupont Circle; a visit to Friend's favorite specialty grocery store, Wegmans; a day at the National Air and Space Museum and the Natural History Museum; and more National Zoo highlights (lions and pandas and monkeys, oh my).

Hope everyone's having a good weekend! I am off to a neighborhood potluck tonight, maybe... and a much needed trip to the Campbell farmer's market tomorrow.


  1. Good Morning, Jen!

    Hope you like/enjoy your new phone--woohoo! Some really great pictures, especially like the Potomac River one...been ages since I've passed over those sparkling waters, quite a spectacular scene with a golden sunset amid Fall foliage in full bloom/display.

    Given how much you and your friend took in on this trip, you were wise/smart to pack your comfy sandals. Hope you enjoyed your weekend...did you have chance to get to the Farmer's Market? What's on the menu tonight, a fresh garden or veggie soup w/grilled cheese? Enjoy your day:)

    1. Hi Al, my new phone is very nice :). It works a lot faster than my other one and has quite a sleek design. The way you describe the Potomac River sounds very pretty.

      My sandals were pretty comfy, yes, but I could have packed even comfier ones with better cushioning and foot support. Still, I don't really remember my feet being sore from walking around a lot. I did get to the farmer's market and got a bunch of stuff-- carrots, grapes, plums, cabbage, an orange, a pear, and some potatoes. Tonight I made a nice little salad with some cabbage, carrots, nuts, mandarin orange slices, crunchy chow mein noodles and goddess dressing. It was really nice. :)

  2. Good Morning, Jen!

    Oh, my--what an epic treat you managed to create...sounds mmm mmm good, and certainly good for you. This is not the first time you have tossed carrots into your meal beginning to sense it's one of your favorite veggies served with warm or cool dishes alike.

    Just curious about a couple of things: first, please bring me up to speed on what "goddess dressing" is (normally use Ranch, Italian or French myself, but goddess suggest
    something every taste bud should try) ; and, Are you or your Friend familiar with a speciality store called Trader Joe's?

    Enjoy your day :)

    1. Yes, I enjoy carrots. I would say carrots and cabbage are some of my favorite vegetables. What are your favorite vegetables, Al?

      Goddess dressing can be made different ways, depending on if it's "green goddess" dressing or a different kind. The kind I used contains, among other things, tahini, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, soy sauce, salt, garlic, and other herbs. Here is a blog post detailing how to replicate Annie's organic brand:

      I should try this recipe sometime :).

      I have indeed heard of Trader Joe's, and would go there occasionally when I lived in Santa Maria. There is at least one here in San Jose too, but I've just been there once. More often I go to Whole Foods, which is basically the same, both of them being healthy/organic focused grocery stores.

  3. Good Morning, Jen!

    Thank you for sharing what goodies go into making an ideal goddess dressing--sounds like a creative mix that'll make the taste buds dance. Appreciate the link to Annie's for further view.

    Guess my favorite veggies would be cucumbers, stringbeans and carrots. Broccoli can be a bit yucky. Try to get as much of a head-start as possible if I see it. Otherwise, it's all good for you, and I'm pretty sure the produce-managers at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods would agree.

    What's on your menu planner tonight? Hope you're enjoying your new phone. Back next week to see what's on tap here at your Epic Treats.

    1. I don't care much for broccoli either. Cauliflower is good, though. You are right, all vegetables are good for you. Happily there are so many different kinds to choose from.

      Tonight I just had some more of my salad from the other night. My new phone is nice, I'm enjoying reading The Count of Monte Cristo through Google Books currently. Hope you're having a nice week Al :)

  4. Hey Jen!

    Looks like congrats are in scrolling up to read about your good fortune--way to go :)