Friday, September 28, 2012


Well, tonight I baked my favorite chocolate chip cookies for my co-worker's going-away potluck tomorrow. I have not baked anything in so long, it was nice to get back into it. I just didn't really do much baking over the summer because it was hot out/inside and I didn't really feel like using the oven much, but it is officially fall, so let the baking begin!

I want to make some Halloween cookies too. Maybe I will pick up some fun Halloween shaped cookie cutters next time I go to Sur La Table in Santa Clara.

Kinda forgot to share this picture before, but this is the result of sugar cookies in fun shapes + lots of frosting colors + lots of sprinkles. My Halloween cookies shall be just as festive!


  1. Howdy!
    I decided to peek in, sure glad I did… ah! Cookies, when the outside air is getting nippy, there’s nothing like the smell of cookies that came out of the oven! How I love Fall, (it’s my favourite time of the year) the leaves turning glorious colours, evenings star gazing with the backdrop of trees…Get the hot cider/hot chocolate out, pop some popcorn and yes warm cookies that just has to be the icing on the cake!

    First before I forget, many congrats are in store… I have a sneaking suspicion that your housemate didn’t mind that you claimed the prize because I am certain that he knows that he will benefit from the winnings, with your baking. So it’s a win… win deal for him.

    So you’re getting the baking bug too…Next week October the 8th is our Canadian Thanksgiving, I think it’s the same day as your Columbus day… Traditionally in my family, this holiday is not celebrated (this is common with many French Canadian families). However, from the time that I have moved out on my own, I have put on my own Thanksgiving dinner, similar to your US tradition… I have admired the big fuss you guys go through, it’s just like Christmas!

    I adopt my own family, which consists of friends to join me… Strange though, every year it seems I have different faces seated at the table. (No it’s not because I’ve killed my previous guests with my cooking Hahahahaha). At times, friends move, get married. Soooo I make new friends etc…. this is the case this year. I like to have about eight people…so I’ve began my shopping…planning the menu …turkey the trimmings. I realize your Thanksgiving is quite a ways away, but do you and your family follow any unique traditions?

    Back to baking… your chocolate chip cookies look yummy and your festive cookies are indeed eye candy (I’m sure as tasty) Jen, do you find baking these days is getting costlier as opposed to buying store bought desserts that are ready-made? The reason I ask… is because a friend pointed out, due to the advanced method of processing store bought food these days, it’s very difficult to tell the difference with store bought as opposed to homemade.

    Personally, I enjoy the adventure of baking cookies (chocolate chip) and pies, however pumpkin is not one of them… for me, I guess it’s because I do not care much for pumpkin pie… so I don’t bake them. Unfortunately, this Thanksgiving favourite will not make it as my desert treat, unless a guest decides to bring one.

    Well, it’s the start of a fabulous weekend, you would not believe the weather, awesome! I best make some tracks, talk later!

  2. Hi Meesh, great to see you :). I too am looking forward to all things fall. Apple cider is one of my favorite drinks.
    You are lucky that your Thanksgiving is so close. My family and I used to always go to my aunt's house for Thanksgiving to get together with my other aunts and uncles and cousins. That is probably what we will do this year. Your tradition sounds nice, it's neat that you get to share it with so many different people each year. I am not a huge fan of pumpkin pie either but I do like pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips or apples.

    I guess I don't really think much about cost when baking-- to me, home made just tastes better, and I often already have all the ingredients on hand-- flour, butter, sugar, sometimes I'll just need to go out and grab some chocolate chips or frosting. Recently my neighbor just gave my housemates and I some fresh peaches from his tree so I'll be looking forward to baking with those, and it's easy to find some nice fruit for a good price at farmer's market. :)

    1. Hi Jen,

      I love apple cider too; actually I love anything that involves apples. I went to an Apple Festival nearby over the weekend...there were quite a few apple festivals held in the area.

      I got thinking about my upcoming Thanksgiving get-together. I missed hosting it last year, due to work commitments. I only prepared a turkey/trimmings on Sunday and delivered plates to some of my neighbours. “Meals on wheels”…the year prior to that, my girlfriend from Huntsville asked me to host her family get-together. So this year, it’s back to normal… well, with some newer faces.

      As for our Thanksgiving yes it’s earlier, the customs/traditions are closely connected to those in Europe... to thank God for a good harvest... your celebration is bit broader than ours, the pilgrims etc. There's no parades here, well only one that I know of and that's the Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest parade... It's not too far from where I live yet I've never been, but if you love beer that's the place to go...LOL

      Your Thanksgiving weekend is more stretched-out than ours. Here I am going on and on…

      What dishes do you normally have, besides turkey? I have my standard, not too elaborate. Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole--- guaranteed… but I usually think up salads. I best get busy eh? I have already done most of my shopping, but I am not done yet.

      Well I best get going. Have a great week!

    2. Hi Meesh,
      Apples are nice, I saw all kinds of apples at the Farmers Market in San Francisco last weekend. Next time I go I should try to collect as many different kinds as possible. Apples just taste better somehow, straight off the tree :).

      Haha yes, I've heard about Oktoberfest. There are Thanksgiving sales around here, plenty of harvest festivals, I am probably going to one this weekend at the farm/park nearby, the one that I posted about with all the birds.

      We have all the basics... turkey, mashed potatoes & gravy, green bean casserole, an assortment of pies, my mom always makes sweet potato casserole with marshmallows... also we have stuffing, and sometimes a ham.

      Have a great week too & happy holidays!

  3. Suddenly, I feel very hungry. PLEASE let me at those cookies. A glass of cold milk or apple cider with them would be icing on the cake. Mmm, mmm good...enjoy your day ladies.

    Is it safe to assume there were no leftovers, Jen?

    1. Yes, milk and cookies are the ultimate epic treat. My coworkers ate all the cookies and liked them very much. :)

    2. Yes, I'll second that @ "are the ultimate epic treat". Sounds like your coworkers would agree (sitting here just imagining their delight as they devoured those yummy cookies). How thoughtful of you guys to rally support around one of your own...a "going-away" potluck makes for a fond memory.

      Any chance you'll be able to find a Casper the Friendly Ghost shaped cookie-cutter at Sur La Table when you go? Looking forward to your Halloween cookies. Enjoy your day.

    3. Yeah, it's fun when we have potlucks at work :). I did find a ghost cookie cutter at Sur La Table... and a pumpkin one, and a spider one, so I'm set. Enjoy your day/night too :)

    4. Good morning, Jen!

      Great deal @ you finding several cookie cutter shapes to your liking. I'll volunteer to eat the pumpkin and/or ghost cookies, but the spider seems a bit eerie...many houses here--in preparation for Halloween are adorned with grayish spider webs with a menacing, hugh creepy looking black spider with red eyes glaring at anyone who dares to ring the doorbell--yikes!!!

      Back next week to see what's next on tap here at your Epic Treats. Safe/wonderful weekend wishes to ya.

  4. :::waves to Alan::::

    Hi Jen,
    I hear ya about a variety of apples, there’s sooo many of them… My favourite kind of apple is Mutsus aka as Crispin that or honeyCrips. I am off this week so I decided to get some baking in. When I went to the Apple Festival last weekend, I bought quite a bit of apples, nearly a bushel... (there’s a huge dent in what I purchased) On Monday I baked apple pies to freeze. Today I found a great recipe for “Apple Crisp” it turned out nicely. I have made quite a few dishes that requires apples (pork chops, roasts) So I am getting my fill of “apples”… as for apple cider I buy it and warm it up served with a cinnamon stick…

    Enough about apples/baking… being off I have watched more tv as normal. (I do not watch much tv usually. This week we are inundated with USA politics. This upcoming election is quite the buzz (yes, even here). For the first time ever I believe I will be watching the first debate this evening between Obama and Romney. I am eager to see how they match up and what is covered. Yes, the outcome affects us all, not just your country. Jen, have you made up your mind? I believe Al is keeping his fingers crossed… yes?

    I best run, have a great weekend to the both of you.

    1. If I had a bunch of apples I think I'd make a pie too... or maybe a cobbler.. or applesauce. :)

      As for apple cider, I like getting some from the store (I don't really know how to make the from-scratch kind), and heating it over the stove with some cloves, cinnamon sticks, honey and a little orange juice. Then it comes out kind of mulled, sometimes I add honey and it just tastes amazing.

      Not really sure who I will vote for.. I haven't seen any of the debates because I don't have a tv but I guess I could look them up on youtube or something.

      Have a great week too!

    2. Waving back @Meesh with a happy smile...and wishing her a Happy Thanksgiving :)

    3. Jen,

      Apple fritters! Thanks for the idea, this will come next...I still have lots of apples to go through. About the recipe that I inserted for "Apple Crisp" if you consider trying it, I would not add water, the juice from the apples should suffice. I always serve up "Apple Crisp" with vanilla ice cream. ::::delish:::

      Well Alan, has lots to smile about... his candidate certainly did shine last evening at the debate. I saw a different Romney last night....he sincerely has the good of the USA people in mind. I was convinced he is willing to work with both the Democrats and the Republicans to get your country back on track.

      I believe whoever wins, the good of your people will be a priority and not just plain politics. Both candidates truly care. Guess what? I am hooked, I will be watching the next debates. In my opinion, last evening Romney clearly shined and won.

      Thanks Al for the Thanksgiving wishes... once again to the both of you... a sunny weekend!

    4. OOops you said cobbler, why did I think of fritter... Okey doke, now I MUST google "cobbler recipes". Heh this year, I can genuinely say: "How do you like 'dem apples?" Hahahaha

    5. Yeah I mean, I don't even know for sure if apple cobbler is really "a thing".... a dish people make.. but I suppose you can make a cobbler out of any fruit with a good base. I found a great peach cobbler recipe that I made a few nights ago.

    6. Jen,

      Cobbler is indeed a great and easy desert to make... I forgot all about this. I found a very interesting recipe at All Recipes, it's made with refrigerated crescent rolls and Mountain Dew of all things... check it out---->

      Hope you're having a great weekend....Brrrrrr it's cold here!

    7. Psst typo...DESSERT not desert. LOL

    8. Wow, so apple cobbler is a thing... and with mountain dew, no less :). I'd have to say that cobblers I've made in the past have taken a bit more traditional of an approach. Great weekend so far, posting about it soon :)