Monday, November 12, 2012


Hi friends!

I thought this would be a good opportunity to share a video I made for my web design/programming class. It features fun stuff I've done in the bay area so you've probably seen all these pictures before but it's still a nice video and I chose pretty music for it from this jazz soloists cd I like :).

So, enjoy, until next time when I have time to write a review of the book I just finished! :)


  1. Hola Jen!

    Something tells me you are on your way to earning an A+ grade in your web design/programming class if this post is any indication of your creative genius. Way to go! Am excited about your book revew feature you have added here on your site--woohoo! Cannot wait to read your first review. How many more classes before Thanksgiving break?

  2. Hi Al :)
    Fingers crossed on getting an A in my computer class.. there was one assignment I did not turn in because I was having a hard time figuring it out but my professor gave me an extension since my hard drive crashed and a friend of mine is gonna help me with it so maybe I will figure it out sometime.

    I have just been taking three classes since August or September, I don't have traditional "class sessions" since these classes are online but they will all be done in mid-December. Then I get about a month off classes. :)

  3. Buenos dias, Jen!

    Sounds like an understanding professor, given the circumstances beyond your control. No great surprise just some of those good seeds you seem to plant coming back to you.

    If you are not computer savvy like me, Good luck w/restoring your hard drive (if that's even possible--haven't a clue) and figuring things out (am happy you have a friend to pitch in and help you out) Yet another example where all of those good seeds you plant are coming back to you.

    Great timing at the completion of your classes in mid-December, not to mention more than a few weeks of free time too--woohoo! Perhaps you and your Friend can bundle up and ice skate on the Potomac River, followed up, of course, with a warm beverage of your choice w/a favorite treat to boot, if you got a chance to travel back across country to visit D.C. during your break.

    Only traveling I'm doing is to the Olive Garden round noon. Miss the hotdog vendor in the park, but refuse to pay two bucks for a hotdog at those mini-marts/service stations when I stop for gas. Back next week to see what's on tap here at your Epic Treats. Have a safe/wonderful weekend. Am extending the same to our Canadian friend should she peek in.

    P.S. Without asking you to reveal the name or any details yet, Care to share what type of book you are reading before you post your very first review? Mystery? Romance? Biography?

    1. You're right Al, I put good effort in and I get a break when I need it. No plans to make it over to DC, but I am considering maybe trying to get over to Canada to see my other friend... if I can have maybe a week off work after the holidays. :)

      I can see why you would only want an authentic hot dog stand hot dog and not just one from the store. What I really like are the ones they sell at the fair sometimes, the german sausage just packed with flavor and so meaty and almost sweet, with some sauerkraut.

      The book I read was a mystery.. and a pretty good one too :)

  4. Hello my friends!
    I am peeking in, glad I did...thanks Al for extending “safe and wonderful weekend” ditto to you too! The weather has been glorious (so far) what I refer to “healthy” weather... crisp, not windy and sunny too! I guess it’s cold enough that the germs freeze while the sun shines. LOL

    You know what Al? Methinks you miss the hotdogs bought from the park as opposed to a gas station because of the setting/location (fresh air, sunny outdoors) makes for a HUGE difference... hopefully you will find a hot dog vendor situated close to a park and you can get that wintertime hotdog fix.

    Jen, I will go in a mix of observations/questions... on the previous post when you mentioned that you were going to the Mall with your housemate because he needed some clothes. Do you go to offer your opinion on what he buys or do you just go to hang out with him?

    The reason I am bringing this up this morning I brought my little friend shopping... He needed sweaters and a couple pair of pants. He has a favourite place to go to “Mark’s” .... anyway, the drill is I select a few sweaters and pants and he goes into the fitting room to try the clothes on.

    It was funny while I was waiting for my lil friend to come out for my nod of approval...some guy came up to me and ask me if I thought the sweater that he was holding would look good on him. (It was burgundy/maroon) I told him I thought it would. He then told me that he had been told than “teal green” looked good on him... I said that would “also” look good on him.

    He looked puzzled and asked if that sweater wasn’t green... I went to the rack and found him teal green. He looked a bit embarrassed. He must have been colour blind (my brother is, many men generally are) sooooo I think this is why you see many men shopping for clothes with women. My good deed for the day LOL I managed to dress two men within an hour.

    Oh Jen, I watched your video, it’s amazing the jazz music in the background brings the photos on the slideshow come alive...Perfect choice of music. Good show!

    Anyway, it’s shortly after two pm and I want to spend as much time as I can in the great outdoors...hope everyone is enjoying their day! Later my friends!

    1. Shoots! Jen, I forgot to say - wonderful that you're considering to come to Canada... Not sure, but is your friend going to school in one of the Western provinces? I do not recall...Will it be your first time in Canada? Cannot wait to hear more about the tentative get-together in my Country.

    2. Hi Meesh, that is an interesting story about the guy who asked you randomly about his sweaters. My housemate (who is 65 and kinda like an adopted grandpa to me... he is the one I have gone on all these San Jose adventures with, mostly) I think just wanted me to tag along to the mall because he wanted some company, plus he sees how hard I am working and wanted to encourage me to take a break and enjoy a bit of the weekend. He seemed to have no trouble picking something out, he just got this one jacket. :)

      Glad you like my video, too! It's funny, I tried making a simple video for my mom like this one I made, but it keeps coming out wrong somehow. First I added too much music and then "fit to music" and it made the video way too long. Now it won't upload to Youtube correctly because it's in the wrong file format, and I tried changing the file format but it still wouldn't upload correctly. I think I will just show my mom when I get back to Santa Maria, because it was for her birthday (today) but I will be there in a few days and I will figure out a way to send it to her, haha.

      Hope you & Al are enjoying your weekend!

    3. P.S. my friend Chris lives in Vancouver. He's going to school over there. :)

  5. Hey Jen!

    It's a bit late here on the east coast, but after reading your description above of a tasty hotdog, I'm soooo tempted to run out to Ted's to see if it's not too late for the closing crew to sell me one of their jumbo hotdogs. Just the way I read your "packed with flavor and so meaty and almost sweet, with some sauerkraut" got me a bit worked up is all, but no sense in warming "Betsy" up for a trip out way across town when I can pull myself together until lunch tomorrow.

    Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Day celebration. Did you cook/bake any yummy goodies to pitch in with the holiday menu plans?

    Hope you guys are enjoying your week. Off to dream about some soft hotdog buns, er, rolls wrapped around a tasty treat.

    1. Haha, I know how you love hot dogs Al.

      My Thanksgiving was nice, I didn't really have time to make anything but my sister made some really good cranberry sauce. How was your Thanksgiving?

  6. Buenos dias, Jen!

    Or, while I'm thinking about it, should I be using the feminine form ==> "buenas" because I'm addressing you/a female? Foreign language usage can be a bit tricky at times.

    How thoughtful of you to ask about my Thanksgiving. Saw a parade, watched a football game and ate like a lil' pig. Am paying for it now though... all hail Alka-Seltzer... Sounds like your day was a memorable occasion, celebrated with family, and even a yummy treat made by your sister, something for the old taste-buds to shout, dance and cheer about. Not sure if you can relate, but does anything made by someone else seem to taste better for some reason?

    When I was on my way out this morning to brush ice/frost off "Betsy", overheard a story on the morning news report about a stormy weather pattern hovering over the skies of San Francisco, soooo, should you venture out in that direction, safe travels. Back next week to see what's next on tap here at your Epic Treats. Safe/wonderful weekend wishes to you and our Canadian friend too.

    1. Yes, buenas dias since I am a girl. Also if you were talking to Meesh and I it would be buenas dias since we are both women. :)

      I'm glad you had a nice Thanksgiving Al. Indeed, something made by someone else does taste better, especially a home made recipe.

      It's been raining all over here in the bay area... some days are not as bad as others. Still I will take the proper precautions :)