Sunday, December 2, 2012

So busy, but here's another video!

So, I'm still wading through finals... and trying to keep up with my second job.... but for my computer class I made another video so I thought I would share it.

I am building a website about medieval literature. I will post the link here when I finish it. It will be featuring all the authors in this video. I will enjoy revisiting all these classic greats.

Another sneak peek:

I can't believe it's just 3 weeks until Christmas. Thank goodness my finals will be over after this week so I will have a little more time to start preparing and enjoying the season.


  1. Hey, Jen!

    Thanks for the interesting sneak peek! Am excited about the additional feature you have decided to share here. Hope those finals are going as smoothly and successful as you'd like.

    It's a wonderful time of the year, so hope you'll be in a position to have some free time to prepare and enjoy the holiday season soon enough.

    Is there anything in particular you may want in your stocking this year? All things considered there's no reason to ask if you've been naughty or nice, since you are a positive influence amid the circles you are part of. So, hope great things are in store for you as the holidays unwind.

  2. Hi Al,
    Finals are going alright, I am going to try to finish my website tonight because it's due tomorrow night at midnight. Then I have my Spanish final next week. But, things won't really slow down for me until the end of December because I will be working 60 hour weeks all this month. Oh well, haha.

    I have enjoyed the holiday season a bit, my housemate and I went to this neat seasonal thing that San Jose puts on each winter called, "Christmas in the Park." I will post about it soon!

    I don't really know what I want for Christmas, it will just be nice to see family and be home for a bit. At work my "Secret Santa" got me a Safeway (grocery store) gift card. I am seeing if my boss can find out who this secret santa is so I can thank them. :)

    Hope great things are in store for you too!

  3. Hi Jen
    Your website looks like a sure "A" to me... Absolutely B-E-A-U-T-F-U-L!

    1. Oopsie typo B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L...."me" forgot the "I" doh!Hahahaha
      PS How great of your housemate to get you out...looking forward to seeing your post of "Christmas in the Park", it sounds magical!

    2. Thanks Meesh :). I finished my website tonight so you can look at even more of the content I updated.

      I am glad my housemate got me to go to Christmas in the Park too, I will have time to catch up on work at some point... haha.

  4. Hola, Jen!

    Sounds like you are nearing the homestretch on your finals, and a well deserved break is just up ahead at the finish line so to speak (Oh, where do you get the energy to finish/meet one project deadline tonight, and then transition right to your Spanish finals?) Simply amazing I tell ya.

    How thoughtful of your Secret-Santa to actually give you a gift that matches your interests/tastes--good for them, and I'm happy for you :) (Far too often, office gift exchanges around this time of the year can leave some folks taken aback, or disappointed altogether when the person they drew them from the pool of names doesn't care to put some thought into matching an appropriate gift with their interests/taste)

    Oh, well, I still believe it's the thought that counts. And speaking of great attitudes, your ==> "I don't really know what I want for Christmas, it will just be nice to see family and be home for a bit" is reflective of the true meaning of the holiday spirit, a selflessness that also embraces the well being of others amid a grateful heart.

    It's getting late here on the east coast, and my carriage is going to turn into a pumpkin at midnight, or at least I think that's how the story goes, so back next week to see what's on tap here at your Epic Treats. Speaking of an epic treat, this caught my eye earlier today around lunch break...

    Now, that's a stocking stuffer gift card that'll make the old taste buds do somersaults...

    Wondering aloud if your boss will reveal your mystery Santa to you? Any ideas who it may be?

    Goodnight, Jen/Bonsoir @ Meesh should she peek weekend wishes guys :)

    1. Yes, I think I'll just try to catch up a bit on my internship tonight/over the weekend, and study for my Spanish final early next week... I think I have a choice if I want to take it Thursday or Friday, or something. I have to finish it in 2 hours.

      Yeah it was really nice to get a surprise gift :). I think it was probably a joint offering from HR, since I just joined the department they're connected to so they just wanted to make me feel welcome.

      I really believe it's best to celebrate the true spirit of Christmas-- being with family, baking cookies, sharing traditions, not just buying things, when you probably won't even remember what you got for Christmas after a few months. It's the memories that count. :)

      Haha, are you saying you want a hot dog in your stocking for Christmas, Al? I can't blame you.... they had polish dogs at Christmas in the Park and I kinda wanted to get one but then we ended up going to this other restaurant and getting burgers. Burgers make me really sleepy apparently because I was only able to stay awake until 2am to try to catch up with my internship. :P

      See you later Al :)

  5. Greetings!

    Ahhh Jen----> “being with family, baking cookies, sharing traditions, not just buying things...” spoken by a woman who has all of her priorities in order...that’s the spirit!

    With your hectic work/studies... will you have time to do your Christmas baking this year? Baking can be therapeutic, alas, if you can find the time.

    In the past years, late November, my sisters get together and bake Christmas cookies, unfortunately we haven’t done it this year. Yes, at times, life gets in the way as it has this year... Generally I have not done much Christmas baking on my own... it seems it has been sort of a joint effort. Anyway, have you ever baked Christmas cake?

    Personally, I am not all that fond of Christmas cake...but my lil friend (who is not a big fan of Christmas season) despite this, LOVES to buy Christmas cake whenever I take him out for groceries. Last time, the cashier looked at me and remarked on the price... she said: “Holy!$5.00 for a little chunk of cake!” My lil friend buys one or two weekly....

    Soooo I was having coffee with my girlfriends and told them I would buy my lil friend some Christmas cake as a gift... to save him some money and for the convenience of having it on hand. As a rule, I cannot gift wrap a gift and give it to him for Christmas....he would not accept it....what I do, throughout Christmas season I buy him little things and just tell him that while I was out I saw something, etc... He’s ok with that.

    One of my friends suggested that I bake a batch of fruit cake, she assured me that it would be tastier/richer and would be a more personal touch. Jen, I decided to do this and I found the best recipe on AllRecipes it’s mistake-proof and it turned out beautifully. I base recipes on All Recipes with the reviews...this recipe was rated a 5 star from all comments... I love reading the reviews. This recipe is a keeper!

    I managed to bake 3 big loaves (good thing fruit cake lasts for a long time) the batter was like mortar to kidding, I broke a spatula stirring this very heavy batter chuck-full with fruit and nuts. I gave my lil friend two of the was as if I bought him an exquisite gift, the way that he carried on. He absolutely loves it... Soooo I guess this will be a yearly tradition.

    (my comment continued... see next comment) I'm a blabber-mouth today LOL

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. OOPS I messed up my first attempt to post this part 2----soo I removed it, sorry Jen for messing up your lovely site.

    Here we go, moving right along...sooo Al is dreaming of getting a hotdog in his stocking, better than coal eh?!Ha! ( I almost fell off my computer my computer chair, laughing... ah ya gotta love our Alan eh?! )

    But yoou know what? The “Coney dog” is very very tasty with the secret recipe chili/sauce... (providing that yoou don’t sit on it by accident...blushing?!) ... seriously it is wunderbar of course with a Vernor’s----> I’m, a diet Pepsi gal, but something about a Vernor’s with a Cony dog.... Now you’re in Detroit... near my stomping grounds in your good old USA!

    It’s ALSO good to hear, that Al appreciates the simple things in life...forget the filet mignon, a new SUV, a Rolex watch etc. A chili dog entices his tastebuds, and would be a real treat, I like that! As for me, there’s nothing that I would like to see is others close to me “happy”. As I mentioned above, my lil friend doesn’t care much for Christmas time..perhaps it evokes past memories (not sure).

    Two or maybe three years ago, my best friend (who is my lil friend’s daughter) lives in Huntsville, it’s pretty far from here... decided to bring her Christmas here near her Dad. It was soooo much fun! Anyway, she informed me that she will doing it again this year WooHoo!

    The last time I taught her how to make another traditional French-Canadian favourite.... it’s called “tourtière” perhaps you’ve heard of it. Basically it’s a French-Canadian dish served by generations of French-Canadian - traditionally served at Christmas time. My family recipe is not overly complex - just ground beef, ground pork and seasoned delicately... I have found many recipes online, I seem to go back to my family recipe.

    My friend made sure to inform her Dad that she is hoping to bring back home at least three Tourtiè we will be baking again. It’s funny how food, traditional ethnic dishes are introduced/found in different locations, like in California, Jen had her first poutines.... Al found the “Coney dog” originated in Detroit city.... I happen to come across this very cute article.... where “tourtière” takes Manhattan, it’s written by a Canadian who moved to New York------------->

    Sooooo I best go and have a wonderful weekend (what’s left of it)

    Talk later guys...... And Alan, appreciate ------> le “Bonsoir”.... I’ve always told yoou that you’re a natural when it comes to French!

    1. Hi Meesh :). I have neither baked nor tasted Christmas cake or fruit cake, but maybe I will try that sometime. Tourtière sounds very good as well. I will make sure to set aside a bit of time for baking when I go home. I will be home for about 4 days. I will probably try to bake a kugel for Hanukkah too, since I think latkes might be too much of a hassle, having to fry them and all, but a nice noodle kugel would be very tasty.

      I am happy to hear you and your "lil friend" are enjoying the holiday season. When I think about it, it's just kinda like, if there was something I really wanted for myself, I would buy it. That's why it's hard for me to think of something I want for Christmas. Then there are some things (like a Google Nexus 7, for example) that I kind of think I might want, but I'm not sure how often I'd actually use it, since I need my laptop for school/work and can't use the software/websites necessary for these as effectively on a tablet, and yes it would be nice for travel but if I am traveling anywhere and want to get any work done I will also bring my laptop. So it might just be kinda like I have too many electronics because tablets are basically like oversized phones with the touch screen and android-powered and all, and I am fine checking my email and facebook etc.

      Anyway... got most of my online Christmas shopping done... then later I get to wrap it and put it under the tree :)

      New post coming soon!

    2. Hi Jen,

      You haven’t tried Fruit Cake or baked it, I found that it’s really fun to bake and the shelf-date on how long it can be kept is a plus can last for years.Yes, you see it a lot at Christmas time but in all fairness there’s another tradition linked to it.... For the romantic at heart, not sure if you have been to a wedding where small pieces of cake is wrapped in foil are distributed out at the reception... this is the wedding fruit cake or Groom’s cake.

      Legend says, that unmarried girls are to place the piece under their pillow and they’ll d dream of their future husband. This fruit cake has been around for eons, today at weddings you see chocolate or vanilla but the most traditional wedding cake is fruit cake... where the newly married couple can have a piece on all of their anniversaries... If you’re a trivia buff, here’s a cute link on this wedding tradition---------->

      As for tourtière, my family recipe is quite simple that consists of ground beef, ground pork and or ground turkey, mashed potatoes, bread crumbs, onion, sage... No, it’s not moose meat or whatever road kill (LOL) some peeps find... it’s good warmed up or quite tasty cold.

      A noodle kugel, I have never tried that...Do you have a family recipe? Ahhh I see that you have posted something new...scrolling up!

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