Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Break in Orcutt

I have been having a very nice little vacation at home in Orcutt. Sunday we had my aunts and uncle and cousins over for breakfast.. eggs, salami, my aunt's traditional pear french toast, latkes, bagels, fruit, and I think that's about it.. lots of food, haha. Then for Christmas dinner we had pork roast, scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, cranberry stuffing, and jello. Some nice baked goodies in between, too, including vanilla candy bark in two varieties (peanut and peppermint), rum cake, Berliner Kranzers, and later we will probably still make some fudge.

My family and I make these Berliner Kranzers every Christmas.
They are sweet and delicate, definitely my favorite Christmas cookie.

This is our tree this year. :)

Also nice seeing some friends....

Fried ice cream with a friend in Old Town Orcutt.

I have about 2 and a half days left until I head back to San Jose so I will try to relax, see some more friends, and be all caught up with work by the time I get back.

Hope everyone else is having happy holidays too! :)


  1. Oh my! Look at all the yummy food...those Berliner Kranzers look so tasty! I swear I added a couple of pounds just reading about your Christmas dinner...forget about that pic of the Fried ice cream...(crash diet!)

    What?! Wait a minute Jen, no hotdogs?! (teasing all LOL)

    Just dropped in to say...I wished for you guys a holiday with happiness galore and when it's done, I wish you both a Happy New Year and many many more!

    See you next year...much love!


    1. Well, Meesh, I did have a hot dog a few days ago at Costco, haha.
      How was your Christmas?
      Happy new year too, it'll be a mellow one for me this year, work the next day and all.
      hugs :)

  2. Hey, Jen!

    What an absolutely beautiful tree!

    Suddenly, after reading the comments, my taste buds want to sink into a scrumptious chili & cheese dog. Gee, guess that new year's resolution may have to wait until next year-dang.

    Hope your week was rewarding, and all of this month will be as well; and, a full year ahead of good health and happiness is in store for you. Happy New Year! Same for our mutual Canadian friend.

    While out shopping last night saw a box of Dreidels near the Kosher deli, and thought of you. Have you dethroned your sister yet, or is she still the reigning dreidel champ? Back next week to see what's on tap here at your Epic Treats.

    1. Thanks Al, I thought it was a nice tree too :). My family had it all decorated before I got there. My week was alright, busy at work as always but I will try to find fun things to do on the weekends while I have time, before classes start. My sister and I did not play dreidel this year because I was not home for Hanukkah, but judging by my dreidel skills with my housemate, I am not very good at dreidel nowaways, haha.

      Well, hope you had a good week :)

  3. Hey, Jen!

    Happy Friday wishes unto you! Had a fairly decent week, but somebody, ahem, won't mention names couldn't even keep a couple of new year's resolutions for even a full week. What about you, Did you make any? As far as your dreidel skills go, you are the reigning champ in my book (not your fault you are sooooo busy with everything else, work and school, etc., it's not easy to fully focus/concentrate is all). Hope bright days w/plenty of sunshine and a rainbow or two are in store for you whenever you get a much deserved break from the excessive hours you are pulling lately. Anything scrumptious on your menu plans tonight? Have a good weekend :)

    1. Hi Al :) happy weekend! I actually made a rather different new years resolution this year.. which was to be a little easier on myself and just enjoy life. So far I have been pretty successful with this resolution. It's a beautiful and sunny day over here in San Jose, and the coming week promises more of the same. It's been a pretty relaxing weekend, skyped with a friend for a while yesterday and went to Target with my housemate, and today I made this for lunch...

      Also making some cookies to share at the baking contest at work tomorrow, will share those soon :)

  4. Hey, Jen!

    Como esta amigo? Love your New Year's resolution, and am happy it's something you are experiencing everyday--couldn't happen to a more deserving person.

    Our respective weather patterns are indicative of a sharp contrast between your beautiful and sunny, as compared to the gray overcast low-temps of late over here on the east coast. Nothing quite like sunshine to enhance one's day. Hope more sunny days are in store for you.

    Was at Target myself earlier today, but unlike your Mmm, mmm good epic treat of tuscan macaroni and cheese bake (excuse my drool)ended up grabbing a bland chicken sandwich afterwards. You just had to go and mention your delicious cookies, dang! now, all I'm left with is mouth watering images of them and a large glass of milk...

    Hope things are settling down for you at work--long hours and a hectic pace I'm sure, but hopefully a well deserving award awaits for all of your efforts. Safe travels should you venture out and abot this weekend.

    1. Hi Al,
      I'm having a pretty nice weekend, got some stuff done at the library earlier and now I'm just relaxing. The weather today was pretty nice, and at night time when I got out of the library it wasn't even that cold.

      It never really stops getting busy at work until the summer, but that's ok, we seem to have things under control for the time being.

  5. Hola, Jen!

    Como esta mi amigo? Glad to hear you and the other competent staff have everything under control on the work-front, no great surprise there considering your work-ethic and natural team building characteristics, indicative of the winner you are.

    Am scrambling out to see a movie...cannot decide on "Les Miserables" or Ben Affleck's thriller "Argo". At least one of my favorites, Anne Hathaway, is in one, so it's a win-win whatever is decided. Have you seen either of them?

    Soooo happy somebody is getting sunny temperatures, because we are experiencing Old Man Winter's wrath the last few days or so. May the bright sunshine continue in your part of the world, Jen, couldn't happen to a more deserving person.

    Enjoy your weekend :)

    1. Hi Al :)
      I am doing pretty well, thanks. I am making more of an effort to give more helpful guidance to my team, pointing out ways I think they could do things better, and that makes me feel good. It's also nice to be the one they look to for guidance and how to do things correctly.

      You should see Les Miserables, my mom saw it and she said it was amazing. I think I will probably miss it being in theaters because I hardly ever go to movies, but I guess it will come out on Netflix eventually.

      It was pretty nice out today, sunny but a little chilly. It was a little rainy earlier this week but not too bad.

      Have a good weekend too! I had a nice day today, went out to lunch with a friend... going to farmer's market tomorrow and then the San Jose Museum of Art. I'll try to take some pictures and actually make a blog post :)

  6. Hey, Jen!

    Hola! Como esta amigo?

    So indicative of you to evolve into a natural leadership role at work, certainly the best of both worlds for your co-workers, someone competent yet easy to relate to as well. A pretty nifty combo there.

    Like your recommendation for "Les Miserables" and will certainly keep it in mine for future reference. Sounds like your Mom absolutely enjoyed it. Am glad you had an opportunity to share lunch with your friend, a visit to the Farmer's Market and to the art museum too--FUN Times :) May you enjoy many more.

    Am sitting here listening to Alec Baldwin host the NFL Honors Awards, and it dawns on me that two of your favorite cities in this world take centerstage tomorrow during the SUPER BOWL in *New Orleans* where *San Francisco* challenges Baltimore for the championship title. Just hope the team that exhibits the most class and best sportsmanship wins. It is only a game, and more emphasis/attention can/should be placed upon the dreadful living conditions some innocent children in our world are forced to live in without an adequate food supply, or clean water in some cases.

    Am scrolling up to your latest...

    1. Hi Al,
      Just saw this comment you sent me-- funny you should mention my performance at work, I actually got nominated Employee of the Month about a week ago for being counted on for any task and making sure others get their work done. So it was nice to get a little recognition.

      My housemate and I went to the farmer's market in Palo Alto today, it was really nice. We also stopped by a little Jewish deli and got bagels and coffee.

      I agree, people should not place so much importance on sports when there are bigger issues. Too bad the 49ers lost.

      Talk to you soon :)