Saturday, August 31, 2013

I'm Back

At long last.. I am updating my blog. I'm fairly settled in to what I suppose is my routine for the time being, so it's about time to say goodbye to summer.. although I expect the weather to remain somewhat warm for at least another month or so.

I really enjoyed Vancouver. I stayed with some friends and met a bunch of their friends, so there was always something to do... go to the beach or a park, check out one of their favorite restaurants, walk around downtown, go to a party, or just hang out.

Charlson Park is my friends' favorite dog park. My friend I enjoyed this view while we played "bocce badminton" since I am not good at badminton and we could not successfully hit the birdie back and forth... so we just made up a contest of who could hit their birdie with the racket the farthest.

English Bay is another great spot I enjoyed. There were these logs set up throughout the beach where people could sit or lean up against them while sitting in the sand.

My Vancouver friends have the cutest apartment. It is so cozy with these flowers in little bottle vases on all the tables, posters on the wall, and books everywhere.

We passed by these beautiful flowers while walking around downtown on my birthday and my friend's girlfriend bought me some carnations :)

We enjoyed these little cakes for my birthday.. the three of us each chose the one we liked best, and each of them was delicious!

This is one of the libraries in Vancouver. It was modeled after the Colosseum.They've got books in several languages, and even a big touch screen patrons can use to browse the collection or learn about the history of various cultures.

Vancouver is certainly a vibrant and unique place that I hope to visit again one day.


  1. Welcome back, Jen!

    Sitting here speechless, agape over the beautiful images you shared. English Bay seems like a natural treasure (have to wonder how many times a golden sunrise or sunset has graced its waters).

    Could you see yourself being a librarian in that grand design reminiscent of a nostalgic time gone by? What an impressive structure! and the priceless learning on the inside is icing on the cake.

    How thoughtful of your friend's girlfriend to gift you with some lovely carnations, sweet! Just curious, where I appreciate the mouth watering picture of the three cake choices (excuse me while I wipe traces of drool off my chin again) which of the choices did you eat?

    Speaking of good eats, am tackling a chili-dog, or two tomorrow. Rain is in the forecast here, so tentative plans to pitch horseshoes in the park amid a cookout, volleyball, softball, etc. may end up being an excuse for a "Mud Bowl" "touch" football game to break out.

    Any Labor Day plans, Jen? Great sharing w/you. Hope a great week ahead awaits you.

  2. Hi Al,
    I imagine being a librarian at that particular library would be very nice. It's even more majestic in person.

    As for the cakes, we shared all three of them, so everyone got a taste of each one. This was my friend's girlfriend's idea and it was excellent, even better than getting one normal sized cake for us to share.

    Sounds like you had a pretty fun labor day, I just took it easy and worked on a paper since I had gone to Berkeley the day before.

    Have a great week too Al :)

  3. Hey, Jen!

    Actually sharing all three is a pretty nifty idea when you think about it. Hmm, me likes dem apples. See you finally managed to get over to Berkeley, so just have to ask if you took that opportunity to eat one of those mouth watering Chicago style pizza slices? Managed to have a super week this past week. How's that paper coming along? To your satisfaction I hope. Enjoy your week ahead, Jen.

    1. Yes in fact, my three friends and I shared a deep dish, Chicago style meat lover's pizza, and it was fantastic. Afterwards we went and got gelato which was also great. I finished my paper, so now I've just got a little reading to do to prepare for my next class meeting on Thursday. Hope you're having a great week Al, mine is pretty nice so far, went to farmer's market and just relaxed today.

  4. Hey, Jen!

    Three words for you @ the mere thought of sharing a deep dish, Chicago style meat lover's pizza (Mmm, mmm, good) Am glad you were able to sink your teeth into a slice of heaven. My taste buds are a bit envious, but life goes on. Adding gelato was akin to icing on the cake for you I bet, right? Talk about an epic treat! Add your trip to the farmer's market and a day of relaxation makes for a happy Jen I'm sure.

    Sounds like all is well on your end. Stay committed to your studies as you wind down towards your Masters at semester's end, and enjoy your weekend. Anything special on tap?

    Off to move Betsy out of harms way, and tuck her away (seems severe thunderstorms are forecast to roll through the region tonight). Otherwise, all is well.

    1. Hi Al,
      Yes, gelato was a fantastic treat after the pizza. Farmer's Market was really nice too. This week has gone by really quickly, not sure what I'll do this weekend but I'm planning on going to San Francisco tomorrow to check out The Haight/Haight-Ashbury, as I've only briefly passed through that area. So that should be interesting. Have a great weekend Al and hope that thunder runs its course quickly :)

    2. Hey, Jen!

      Am scrambling out in a few, but wanted to touch base while I devour a soft shell taco. For some reason "Haight-Ashbury" sounds vaguely familiar, but maybe I have it confused with another S.F. neighborhood my friend Peter warned about so many years ago (it's been so long ago the acronym B.A.R.T must be a bit prehistoric by now).

      Did you manage to venture to S.F.? Did you enjoy your visit? Anything interesting grab your attention? Any epic treats to sample? Better get going, what a messy taco. Enjoy your week ahead...hope all is well. Life is good!

    3. Haight Ashbury is probably what you're thinking, that famous hippie neighborhood from the 1960s. And actually BART is not an outdated acronym, people use it all the time. :)

      Hope you enjoyed your taco, I've enjoyed my visits to San Francisco... I've actually been going every week for a few weeks, because I got hired to write some articles about it and had to check out various neighborhoods I hadn't been to so I'd have more content.

    4. Hmm...that may explain his warning. Lots of people were quick to judge, generalize and clump all hippies as long haired freaks, lazy, drug using bums, etc. with no regard for authority. I'm sure with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight they are now seen in a much more positive light.

      Am glad you enjoyed your delightful romps, while developing your articles. Hope the compensation equaled your obvious work ethic and talent.

  5. Hey, Jen!

    Nice bantering w/you on Facebook earlier today. Hope you had a chance to venture out and enjoy a visit to that cozy café you mentioned. Have to ask what's your favorite epic treat on their menu?

    Enjoy your week ahead.

    1. Hi Al :)
      I did go out to a cafe and read a bit of a new book I ordered online. The cafe is called Philz Coffee and I have just had two of their coffees so far, a dark roast Arabic and another dark roast characterized by chocolate. Both very good.

      Hope you have a great week too! Mine will be pretty busy... got an interview on Monday, and a paper and presentation due on Thursday. So I'm just relaxing tonight and trying to wait till tomorrow to start working on stuff.

    2. Suddenly, I'm in the mood for a cup of coffee...

      Trust your paper and presentation went over well (hope so). All in all, a great September on this end. Hope October unfolds wonderfully for you.

    3. Yep, my presentation went well I think.. haven't gotten my grades back yet but they should be pretty good. I am looking forward to seeing what October will bring.

  6. my curiosity got the best of me, and I actually ventured over to , where I just learned it's "voted best coffee in S.F." Seems you have great taste. Am really clamoring for a cup of coffee right now...

    1. I can see why it would be voted so highly, I've had coffee there three times now and it was great. Every time I go there, lots of people are also waiting in line to get a coffee. That's the definite way to tell if a place will be good, over here in the Bay Area or probably anywhere--- there's a long time.

  7. Hey, Jen!

    Nice bantering w/you on Facebook earlier today. Hope you had a chance to venture out and enjoy a visit to that cozy café you mentioned. Have to ask what's your favorite epic treat on their menu?

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