Saturday, September 21, 2013


After I went to Canada, I went to Oahu for another vacation! That was a pretty nice time.

This is the inside of a cave in Waianae, where my friend lives! We went in there. It was dark, and rocky. Hard to walk. But, I didn't fall or anything.

Cool mural I passed by walking around in Honolulu. People are so creative!

This is a picture of the ancestral lands of Waianae. I think this place is called something, I forgot. But, my friend's ancestors lived here. It's like one of those hidden local places that no one really knows about.

A beach in Waianae at sunset. This is my friends' parents' view outside their cabana. So pretty!

Another view out the window in Waianae. I was staying next to Waikiki Beach but it was just a lot prettier and non touristy over in Waianae, on the other side of the island.

While I was in Hawaii, my friend and I went to the Honolulu Art Museum, some little shops, a mall, a barbecue, Waikiki Beach, some other beaches, that cave, and that's pretty much it. So, it was a pretty nice time.


  1. Hey, Jen!

    You are quite the world traveler! Absolutely beautiful pictures! Have a super week :)

    1. Thanks Al :) have a great week too! I am spending the week in Santa Maria visiting my family.

  2. Hey, Jen!

    Am glad you guys didn't get hurt while daring to venture into the cave in Waianae amid those rocky conditions...add low visibility amid the darkness you encountered and it's potentially a recipe for slips, falls and major boo-boo's.

    Admiring the beautiful sunset picture you took helps block out--even if only fleeting--the Brr, brr cold conditions here. Rain--heavy at times, and windy conditions swept through our region most of the day...has diminished since though. Places like Santa Maria and Hawaii are akin to paradise in comparison.

    Otherwise a great day. Have a couple of questions/requests for you: first, please write out the way Waianae is pronounced (bet it sounds pretty); and, if you have a few pointers, please share some tips about preparing chicken so the finished product is soft/juicy as oppose to eating tough leather. Sorry to impose like this, but there really has to be a better way to cook chicken...HELP!

    Well, hope you enjoyed a wonderful visit w/your family. Also, hope your day down by Fisherman's Wharf was FUN too (like reading your Facebook page by the way), and here's wishing you a super week.

    1. Hi Al,
      I am also glad I didn't fall in the cave. That wouldn't have been very pleasant. I am glad your weather is getting a little better. It was in the 70s today over in San Jose, a little chilly in the morning, so I think the temperature is going to start being a bit lower on a regular basis, soon. I would really like a bit of rain, though, personally. It would help to get into the spirit of fall.

      I believe Waianae is pronounced why-uh-nye. So that's pretty nice. A lot of Hawaiian names are spelled/sound in a rather nice way :). As for the chicken... I'd recommend marinating it. That always helps chicken to be moist and juicy, and more flavorful. Maybe marinate it for about an hour, and as for the marinade itself, I've always liked teriyaki chicken, in which case you'd just put the chicken in a ziploc bag and pour in some teriyaki sauce, and then take it out to cook, and glaze it with a bit of honey after it's cooked for an extra bit of sweetness. Hope that helps! This should be good for any kind of chicken, but especially thighs which tend to be moister meat in the first place. You can ask me for cooking tips anytime.

      I had a very nice time in Santa Maria, thank you. It was so peaceful and quiet, and really nice seeing my family, and friends I hadn't seen in a while. Fisherman's Wharf was fun too, we'll see where I decide to go this week... maybe North Beach (Little Italy) over in the Financial District. Have a great week too!

    2. P.s. I forgot to mention-- which, you might probably already know-- but you put the chicken in the ziplock bag with the marinade and leave it in the refrigerator while it is marinating. And then just cook the chicken by itself and discard the marinade. Unless you want to reserve a little to brush on the top at the end.

  3. Hey, Jen!

    Yes, have to agree w/you in respect to the pronunciation of Waianae, very *pretty* inquisitive nature just hijacked my thoughts, leaving me wondering how a native Hawaiian would say your name without the benefit of having heard it before. Perhaps something w/their "J" sound followed by an emphasis upon the letters "n" and their equivalent of the an "er" sound pronounced together I presume. In your librarian training, Do you ever study international dialects?

    Appreciate the cooking tips, and will find a creative way to share them w/out hurting any feelings. My taste-buds were under attack for a while there so to speak...that chicken was pretty tough (enough so to make a dentist smile w/thoughts of increased profits) but feelings matter, so rather than be insensitive to good faith effort--thus the question. I've already copied & pasted your tips into documents--thank you. Have been meaning to stop in at the new Trader Joe's on the boulevard since their grand opening two weeks ago, so no time like the present to fetch some teriyaki, honey, etc.

    Am glad you enjoyed your visit w/family, and an adventurous outing down by Fisherman Wharf's too. Sorry to hear about all the recent troubles w/the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART system), and hope a fair deal can be ironed out soon enough. Does this affect your travel arrangements at all? Hope not. No one likes a bumper to bumper, slow commute.

    It's that time of year again, so I'm wondering if you and your office mates are donning some interesting costumes again this year? How on earth can you top your galaxy princess theme from last year? Come on, give me a clue/hint about your new costume...Hope all is well. Enjoy your week!

    1. That is an interesting question Al, I'm not sure how a native Hawaiian islander would say my name but I'm sure it would be pretty :). I do not study international dialects in my library studies, but I did take some Linguistics classes while I was completing my English degree. It's so fascinating how some languages have sounds that English doesn't even have.

      Yes, the BART strike is sort of annoying, moreso for those who live near San Francisco and have to commute there for work every day. It shouldn't be too bad for me, if I want to go to San Francisco I will probably just take the Caltrain, which shouldn't be too terribly busy during non-rush hour times.

      I don't think I'll dress up for Halloween this year, I'll probably just stay home and watch scary movies.. but hope you've got some fun stuff planned :)

    2. Hey, Jen!

      Am glad the BART system is up and running again. Happy for the folks who depend solely on this mode each day, so sounds like their lives will be spared/free of stress related to a long, extended fight.

      So, you're not dressing up for Halloween this year, eh? Just as well, because the scary movies will suffice (don't forget to stock up on candy corn, candy apples and a favorite beverage). Try to leave at least one light on just in case, well, you know, if you may feel spooked somehow during the show, especially when they cue the scary music and you feel your body going a bit tense...don't stub your toe or anything if you feel an urge to run fast...just kiddin' :)

      No elaborate plans for me either. There is an office party scheduled for the day after--go figure, maybe because it's a Friday, which makes for a more relaxed day/setting I suppose. Wasn't on the planning committee, but costumes are optional, so maybe someone will be donning a "Wonder Woman" look.

      See you've added a new post, so am scrolling ^ Halloween wishes to you.

  4. Well, I kinda went through the whole "dress up and go out in your 20s" thing for a few years, with some college buddies a few years ago, so now I'm happy to just enjoy the fall season, but I suppose it's still alright to dress up even into one's 30s, 40s, etc. just to be festive at work. Like last year when I was somewhat a penguin. I'll be sure to leave a light on while watching my scary movies, maybe enjoy some cider.. hope you have a great Halloween Al!