Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall times

So, what have I been up to lately? Oh, not much.. just continuing my regular visits to San Francisco, occasional outings with friends, and enjoying this warm weather before the chill of Fall/Winter finally gets around to descending upon us. I kind of miss the rain, so sometimes while I'm on my computer I'll put on Rainy Mood in the background so I can pretend it's raining. The best part about a rainy afternoon is staying inside with some tea and a good book. Hoping for some real rain soon!

I recently went to a beach bonfire with some friends near Santa Cruz, which was fun. We enjoyed some roasted corn, hot dogs, and bananas wrapped in foil, sprinkled with chocolate chips, which were tossed into the fire to get all warm and melty.

Did I ever share about my apple picking adventure? I must have forgotten... well, a few weeks ago I went to Gizdich Ranch in Watsonville with a friend and we picked apples. I have wanted to go to an orchard and pick apples for a while, it is so quintessentially Fall. They had about four varieties of apples available and I picked a whole bunch. I made some applesauce with some of them, most of them I just ate, and some I left with my parents when I visited them.

These green ones were delicious!

Overall I've been having a pretty nice Fall so far. I have a sugar pumpkin I bought a while ago that I need to get around to using. I might roast it in the oven, or maybe puree it and make a soup. Pumpkin is delicious, and the seeds are great roasted as well.

Almost forgot to introduce my parents' adorable new(ish) kittten, Milo....

He is so fun. When I first met him he was very energetic and excitable, curious about everything, getting into everything. He's mellowed a bit since then, but still likes to get into things, such as laundry.

So, that's what's new with me... looking forward to seeing what the rest of Fall and the Winter holidays will bring!


  1. Hey, Jen!

    What an adorable looking kitty @ Milo (awww...precious) He certainly blends right into the Fall season. As does apple picking. Sounds like you are spending your time well. What a delightful treat @ bonfire experience on the beach--that about takes the cake as they say.

    Hope you get some rainfall soon, so you can treat yourself to a great cup of tea, and get lost in an engaging book. Have a wonderful week!

  2. Yep, I've been having a great fall so far. It was a little misty the other evening and kinda overcast today so we might be getting some rain soon! Here's hoping. How have you been enjoying you fall, Al? I can't believe Halloween didn't already pass yet. It feels like it's been Halloween all month, haha. Not sure what I will do yet. Either see what's going on in San Francisco and stay home and watch scary movies... either of which I'm sure would be equally entertaining.

  3. Hey, Jen!

    Am glad you are enjoying the Fall season--what a beautiful time of the year! Sounds like it may be time to retrieve an extra blanket from your Hope chest for those gray, overcast days, especially if they turn to freezing rain (stock up on the hot chocolate, favorite teas and chicken soup). My Fall isn't exactly going to plan, but am taking delight enjoying a few pastimes (apple cider, a hayride, apple pie w/vanilla ice-cream and the like).

    Have you created any appetizing dishes lately? Any special travel plans for Thanksgiving? Have a safe and wonderful weekend.

    1. Yes, Fall is such a lovely time of year. There is that chill in the air that reminds you that Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas are all coming soon, and don't worry, I've got plenty of blankets to keep warm :). Still hasn't really rained at all here but it's been getting a little colder. I'm glad you are enjoying some Fall things Al. I love apple cider, I should make some hot apple cider one of these days.

      I have in fact created some delicious dishes... I made a butternut squash soup from scratch, and I've now made three delicious batches of salted caramel brownies. Plus a quick batch of penne with tomato cream sauce for a little treat mid-week. I happen to be going to Los Angeles this weekend so that is sure to be fun. Have a great weekend too!

  4. Mmm, mmm good @ those delicious dishes.